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In Medieval England, the word "gavel" could refer to a tribute or rent ... which may come from the Old English "gafol" (meaning "tribute").

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Thanks for the A2A, Eunji. The gavel is a ubiquitous instrument in American courtrooms, I have heard its 'swack' so many times in my career that I ...

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My name is Demetrious and I'm doing research for a screenplay and I'm having problems discovering the history of the gavel. I'm looking specifically to learn ...

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Legal History, a journal of that state's Supreme Judicial Court. While the gavel is commonly associated with the American courtroom, its use is not limited to the ...

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Jun 1, 2009 ... ... used gavels to make a sound of authority to bring a courtroom to order. Learn how some judges use their voice as a gavel with inform...

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You know that wooden hammer a judge slams down on his desk when he's trying to bring order to the court? That's a gavel.

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to request or maintain (order at a meeting) by striking a gavel. to begin or put into effect (a legislative session, motion, etc.) by striking a gavel. Origin of gavel<sup>1</sup>

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The Masonic gavel is an emblem of authority used by the Master of the lodge to show his executive power over the assemblage by punctuating its actions.

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Nov 22, 2009 ... The first – "we didn't know" – doesn't say much for the quality of the research; the presence or lack of a gavel would hardly have been difficult to ...

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A gavel strikes against a small piece of wood called a "sound block." It can also be referred to as a "sounding block." Gavels and sound blocks are often used by  ...

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Dec 31, 2012 ... A quick google search tells a lot about what they are used for but nothing on the history other than to say "traditionally". How far back does...

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Sep 12, 2012 ... There are plenty of theories, but the origin of the gavel is somewhat shrouded in mystery. Gavels are typically made of wood, although other ...

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... attributes with the larger history of voluntary societies in the 19th century. I have also wondered what the gavel might tell me as incoming president of the AHA.