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As early as 1725, Henry Bourne sought an origin for the Yule log in ... to lay a Log of Wood upon the Fire, which they termed a Yule-Clog, ...

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The History of the Yule Log. Photo of a Yule Log by Wanye Camlin: http://www. flickr. The custom of burning the Yule Log goes back to, and before, medieval ...

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Dec 20, 2010 ... The Origin of the Yule Log. The Yule Log, like many Christmas traditions, originated as a pagan ritual and was later adopted by Christian ...

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Yule Log Magick / Make A Yule Log / Bake a Yule Log Cake ... An ancient rhyme of unknown origin reflects the importance of the Yule Log on this sabbat:.

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The tradition is practiced in many countries and hence several legends are associated with its origin. The most popular story of the Yule Log dates back to the ...

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Dec 25, 2008 ... The bizarre story of how a burning log became one of television's most lasting and loved experiments.

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Yule log definition, a large log of wood that traditionally formed the backlog of the fire at Christmas. See more. ... Origin of yule log. Expand. 1715-1725. 1715-25.

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A yule log is burned because it is believed to bring good luck. Learn more about yule ... But does it have its origins in the winter solstice? See more Christmas ...

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Yule Log History. A holiday celebration that began in Norway, on the night of the winter solstice it was common to hoist a giant log onto the hearth to celebrate ...

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Dec 8, 2011 ... The Bûche de Noël has a rich history full of symbolism and one pretty ... Log. The Bûche de Noël is shaped like the Yule Log. Ya know, that ...

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Dec 21, 2012 ... 'Tis the season for rich food traditions, including that of the Christmas Yule log.

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Jul 30, 2007 ... Origins: Though few Americans still bother with it, the burning of the yule log was at one time one of the most firmly entrenched customs of ...

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Need an excuse for a Christmas party? How about a "traditional" excuse. If this year's party is already planned, add this old tradition to it. Burning a Yule log is ...