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Coca-Cola is a carbonated soft drink produced by The Coca-Cola Company. Originally intended as a patent medicine, it was ...


The Coca-Cola formula is the Coca-Cola Company's secret recipe for Coca-Cola syrup, which ... Coca-Cola inventor John Pemberton is known to have shared his original formula with at least four people before his death in 1888. ... The company protects the secrecy of its syrup recipe by shipping ingredients to its syrup ...


ORIGIN. Coca-Cola was named back in 1885 for its two “medicinal” ingredients: extract of coca leaves and kola nuts. Just how much cocaine was originally in ...


Feb 15, 2011 ... This essentially means that if the recipe is indeed the original, many of the ingredients (read: caffeine) that make Coke less-than-healthy now ...


Jan 14, 2015 ... Coca-Cola is the world's best-known brand. ... created the original Coca-Cola formula in 1886 in a pharmacy in the state capital Atlanta, .... Ingredients: To create all the world's Coke takes 79 billion gallons of water every year.


May 22, 2013 ... He even reveals the drink's original secret formula (which is less exciting .... MP: Coca-Cola was named for its two principal drug ingredients.


Where does the name Coca-Coal Come From? Coca-Coal refers to two original ingredients found in Coke 1. kola nuts (a source of caffeine), and 2. coca leaves.


Coca-Cola is not just about quality taste and refreshment. Find out nutrition and ingredients in Coca-Cola at Coca-Cola Product Facts. A Coca-Cola initiative.


Dec 16, 2013 ... While the Coca-Cola Company officially denies the presence of cocaine in ... suggests that the original Coca-Cola did, in fact, contain cocaine.


Here is the cola recipe referenced in our episode Original Recipe. ... The team at Sovereign Flavors says if an ingredient is liquid -- coca extract or vanilla extract ...