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Stonehenge is a prehistoric monument in Wiltshire, England, 2 miles (3 km) west of Amesbury ...... In straightening the stone he moved it about half a metre from its original position. ..... buildin...

Why was Stonehenge built? - Ask History


Apr 10, 2013 ... Its massive scale suggests that Stonehenge was vitally important to the ancient peoples who built it, but the monument's purpose has been the ...

Stonehenge: 7 Reasons the Mysterious Monument Was Built


Mar 21, 2014 ... The area around Stonehenge was a hunting ground along an ancient auroch migration route thousands of ... Original article on Live Science.

5 Strange Theories About Stonehenge - LiveScience


Mar 12, 2013 ... Or perhaps Stonehenge's circular construction was created to mimic a sound illusion. That's the theory of Steven Waller, a researcher in ...

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Aug 22, 2014 ... Humans have marvelled at the majesty of Stonehenge for thousands of years, but the famous landmark's original purpose has remained a ...

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In his novel The Sirens of Titan, a stranded alien residing on Saturn's moon of Titan directed the construction of Stonehenge. The alien has Stonehenge created  ...

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The Avenue leading up to Stonehenge, seen in the snow. The monument has been gradually returned to its original landscape and grassland setting ...

Stonehenge - Wiltshire, England - Sacred Destinations


The great age, massive scale and mysterious purpose of Stonehenge draw over ... The current site, awe-inspiring as it is, is only part of the original Stonehenge.

Stonehenge Meaning: Theories, History & Facts About Stonehenge


Nov 19, 2014 ... Theories & Myths About the Purpose & Meaning of Stonehenge: ... While archeologists can trace the origins of the tall sarsen stones that make ...

Stonehenge may have been burial site for Stone Age elite, say ...


Mar 9, 2013 ... Theories of what Stonehenge was include a temple, observatory, ...... and uses for the site at a much later time than it was actually created.

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How and why was Stonehenge built? - Bradshaw Foundation


As to the purpose of Stonehenge, again we can only surmise. But clearly, the very scale of this unique megalithic structure suggests that the area itself was of ...

Why was Stonehenge built? The eight most popular theories ...


Dec 17, 2013 ... A university professor with an expertise in sound (and who also happened to be a part-time DJ) said that he believed Stonehenge was created ...

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Stonehenge is surely Britain's greatest national icon, symbolizing mystery, power and endurance. Its original purpose is unclear to us, but some have speculated ...