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The origin of language in the human species has been the topic of scholarly discussions for several centuries. In spite of this, there is no consensus on the ...

How did language begin? - Linguistic Society of America


What does the question mean? In asking about the origins of human language, we first have to make clear what the question is. The question is not how ...

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The Origin of Language (by Edward Vajda). Yesterday we discussed the gulf that separates the creative use of language by humans from the inborn signals of ...

The Origin of Language and Communication - The True.Origin Archive


Organic evolution has proven unable to elucidate the origin of language and communication. Knowing how beneficial this ability is to humans, one would ...

How humans and our primitive ancestors evolved, and evidence of how our ancestors lived their lives. More »

6 Early Theories About the Origin of Language | Mental Floss


origin of language predates the human race, actually it predates life...someone first created 4 letter from complex molecules and then used them to write very ...

Where and when did language begin? A remarkable new study may ...


Apr 16, 2011 ... The origin of spoken language has stumped linguistics dating as far back ... In my writing I look at the pre-human beings of perhaps 2,000,000 ...

The Origins of Language - THE BRAIN FROM TOP TO BOTTOM


Some authors speculate that human language arose from the development of onomatopoeia: the imitation of sounds in the environment. Other authors say that  ...

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No true link has ever been found with animal communication. The work of Noam Chomsky brought linguists back to uniquely human origins for language, but the  ...

Apes Point to Origins of Human Language - LiveScience


Our closest primate relatives, the bonobos and chimps, are more versatile when communicating with their hands, feet and limbs than with their facial expressions  ...

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Q: What is the origin of human language?
A: I think human language started in the caves with carvings and then gradually progressed to sounds uttered by the voices. Every major area of the Earth was uniqu... Read More »
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Q: The origin of human languages on the Earth?
A: Human brains are wired to create language when none exists. Read More »
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Q: Do apes hold the key to the origin of human language?
A: Magazine issue Subscribe and save Read More »
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Q: What was the origin of the human language?
A: Linguistic research, combined with neurological studies, has determined Read More »
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Q: How can we learn history from the origins and development of huma...
A: In simple terms, all languages developed from a protolanguage which is presumed to have come from a common source and place. We can take a great advantage of th... Read More »
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