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Ornate definition, elaborately or sumptuously adorned, often excessively or showily so: They bought an ornate Louis XIV sofa. See more.

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covered with decorations : covered with fancy patterns and shapes. : using many fancy words. Source: Merriam-Webster's Learner's Dictionary. Examples: ...

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If something is ornate — whether it's a ball gown, a set of dishes, or a poem — it seems to be covered in ornaments. It's lavish, flowery, or heavily adorned.

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Elaborate or showy, as in style: ornate rhetoric. [Middle English, from Latin ōrnātus, past participle of ōrnāre, to embellish; see ar- in Indo-European roots.] ...

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Looking for online definition of ornate in the Medical Dictionary? ornate explanation free. What is ornate? Meaning of ornate medical term. What does ornate ...

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A carnival dancer wearing an ornate costume. Licensed from iStockPhoto. adjective. The definition of ornate is heavily decorated, very elaborate or showy.

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ornate (adj.) Look up ornate at Dictionary.com: early 15c., from Latin ornatus " fitted out, furnished, supplied; adorned, decorated, embellished," past participle of ...

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ornate (comparative more ornate, superlative most ornate) ... ornate (third- person singular simple present ornates, present participle ornating, simple past and ...

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elaborately or sumptuously adorned, often excessively or showily so: They bought an ornate Louis XIV sofa.
embellished with rhetoric; florid or high-flown: an ornate style of writing.
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ornate | Define ornate at Dictionary.com
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