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Orthodoxy is adherence to correct or accepted creeds, especially in religion. In the Christian ... and commandments of the Torah are often called Orthodox Jews, though the term "orthodox" historically first described Christian beliefs.


Eastern Orthodox Christian theology is the theology particular to the Eastern Orthodox Church. It is characterized by monotheistic Trinitarianism, belief in the ...


A comprehensive guide to what the Orthodox Church believes about a number of subjects including belief in: God the Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit.


Jun 11, 2008 ... Essentially the Orthodox Church shares much with the other Christian Churches in the belief that God revealed himself in Jesus Christ, and a ...


Nov 18, 2013 ... The Orthodox religious beliefs are said to be highly conservative and like ... Let's examine what Orthodox Christians believe and if they differ ...


Sep 9, 2016 ... This overview of Eastern Orthodox Church beliefs explains how early followers sought to ... Eastern Orthodox Beliefs Vs. Western Christianity.


May 25, 2015 ... As such, our faith and belief is in the person of Jesus Christ, the Living Word of God, Who is revealed in the written word of God—Holy Scripture ...


The Orthodox Church claims to be the one true church of Christ, and seeks to trace its origin back to the original apostles through an unbroken chain of apostolic ...


Orthodox Christians repeatedly confess, “And I believe in the Holy Spirit, the ... Nowadays, some consider baptism to be only an “outward sign” of belief in Christ .


The Orthodox Christian Church, also called the “Eastern Orthodox,” “Greek Orthodox” ... look into the major beliefs and practices of the Orthodox Christian faith:.