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Facts about outer space, galaxies, the planets and other objects in the solar system. Explore the universe with interesting diagrams, photos and more!

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Space is mysterious and beautiful, understand it more with this list of one hundred interesting facts about space, planets, moons and stars!

Facts About Outer Space - Funology


Facts About Outer Space. Monks in the 16th century recorded seeing a giant explosion on the side of the Moon. It most likely was a large meteor that slammed  ...

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Nov 13, 2007 ... There is still so little known about outer space by modern science, but of that little we do know, there are some extraordinarily amazing things.

25 Strangest Things Found In Outer Space - List25


Oct 3, 2013 ... From black holes and quasars to gas clouds and gravity, these are the 25 strangest things found in outer space.

5 Astonishing Facts You might not Know about Outer Space


Jul 5, 2014 ... It's time to start paying attention to space again. Here's a collection of interesting and weird facts about outer space that you probably didn't ...

20 Unbelievable Facts About Outer Space | ClickHole


Jun 23, 2015 ... 20 Unbelievable Facts About Outer Space ... The universe is so big that if you dropped a bowling ball in space, it would take billions of years to ...

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Fun Space Facts for Kids ... Interesting facts about the Solar System ... The outer planets (also known as gas giants) are much larger and made mostly of ...

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Outer space refers to the emptiness that exists between objects in space including Earth. Most of outer space is made of plasma. When plasma collects and ...

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Jan 15, 2012 ... These 10 facts won't hurt either: 1 Where does Earth's atmosphere end and outer space begin? NASA defines an astronaut as someone who ...

Outer space
Outer space, deep space, or just space, is the void that exists between celestial bodies, including the Earth. It is not completely empty, but consists of a hard ... More »
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Dec 19, 2014 ... ... your friends and family with these pretty amazing space facts? ... at the stars at night it is very pretty i wantto go outer space when I grow up.

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Jun 3, 2016 ... What are five odd or generally unknown facts about outer space? This question was originally answered on Quora by Leo Abrahamian.

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Astronomers can now better chart the way planetary systems, including our own Solar System, are born and change over time. mars_elon Space Exploration ...