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Modulating autophagy: a strategy for cancer therapy - NCBI


Since Takeshige et al. carried out the first genetic screen for autophagy mutants, ... In the presence of Hsc73 and other Hsp70 co-chaperones, such as Hsp40, Hsp90, ..... Copetti et al. demonstrated that the NF-κB family member p65/RelA (v- rel ... and it is considered the first-line treatment for advanced renal cell carcinoma ...

EGFR inhibitors sensitize non–small cell lung cancer cells to TRAIL ...


Non–small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) is the leading cause of death from ... Recent studies have shown that combining cetuximab with first-line chemotherapy improves treatment efficacy in patients with advanced ... and cetuximab (ERBITUX, Merck Co.) ..... Rusch V, Klimstra D, Venkatraman E, et al. .... Park SY, Seol DW.

Cell Death and Differentiation - Molecular profiling reveals primary ...


Feb 19, 2016 ... Tel: 44 116 2525535; Fax: 44 116 2525599; E-mail: ... To address this, patient- derived primary mesothelioma cell lines were established ... Surgically resected tumor tissues were obtained from patients with advanced epithelioid (six ...... V, Morrison L, Parsonson K, Clarke BE, Duhig EE, Windsor MN et al.

Influence of rosmarinic acid and Salvia officinalis extracts on ...


The effects of RA on mouse melanoma cells (Lee et al., 2007) and in the ... Elution was performed with ethyl acetate/hexane/acetic acid (55:35:10 v/v/v) and all ... and allowed to attach overnight at 37 °C in a fully humidified, 5% CO 2 incubator. .... Cell toxicity of sage extracts and RA Different from McCoy cells, the B16F10 ....

TWIST1 and BMI1 in Cancer Metastasis and Chemoresistance


May 25, 2016 ... Methods In this review, we summarize recent advance in cancer research ... Cancer stem cell (CSC) is the concept describes neoplastic tissues with ... Ng et al. [32] reported that TWIST1 induced N-cadherin to promote ... MicroRNA can regulate carcinogenesis through affecting co-factors of EMT inducers.

Alternative TEL-JAK2 fusions associated with T-cell acute ...


Advanced Search .... After incubation at 37°C in 10% (v/v) CO2 for 2 days, a total cell lysate was prepared and subjected to western blot ..... of Victoria (ACW, SMNO), and Deakin University International Research Scholarship Scheme ( SMNO, PR, JK). .... Lee JW,; Kim YG,; Soung YH,; Han KJ,; Kim SY,; Rhim HS,; et al.

Phase 2 study of panobinostat with or without rituximab in relapsed ...


Up to 40% of patients with diffuse large B-cell lymphoma (DLBCL) are not cured ... were not routinely performed except to confirm CR in patients with prolonged PR. ... Each study arm had 90% power to detect a response rate of 30% vs 5% using a ..... BCL6 expression, but this observation was not reproduced by Pon et al.

Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition and Breast Cancer - MDPI.com


Jan 26, 2016 ... Yanyuan Wu 1,2,*, Marianna Sarkissyan 1 and Jaydutt V. Vadgama ... of epithelial-mesenchymal transition (EMT) in tumor cell progression, .... Armstrong and colleagues found co-expression of epithelial ... Li et al. found that those MCF -7 breast cancer cells which become ..... with advanced-stage NSCLC.



Telephone: +49-(0)6421-5866234 ... Recently, the heterogeneity in terms of cellular and molecular pathways .... Viral infections are co-modulators of early onset BA. Early .... marker for a TH2-driven immune-response, Woodruff et al. ... different integrin molecules on the cell surface such as alpha-V/beta1, alpha-V/ beta3 and ...

Methylsulfonylmethane Suppresses Breast Cancer Growth by Down ...


Apr 2, 2012 ... Approximately one-half of primary breast tumors are ER<sup>+</sup>/PR<sup>+</sup>, whereas less than 5% ...... Joung YH, Lim EJ, Kim MS, Lim DS, Yoon SY, et al.

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Relevance of tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes in breast cancer - NCBI


Aug 24, 2015 ... During immunogenic cell death, dying tumor cells release danger .... and are associated with poor outcomes and advanced tumor stage, ... A study conducted by Twyman-Saint Victor et al. demonstrated that ... CD8<sup>+</sup> T-cell responses require T-cell receptor activation in addition to co-stimulation provided ...

Frontiers | Rationale for a Multimodality Strategy to Enhance the ...


Jun 2, 2015 ... Lymph nodes serve as sites of T-cell co-stimulation, whereby DCs present .... and extension of long-term survival in 21 patients with advanced RCC (60). ..... Tel J, Aarntzen EH, Baba T, Schreibelt G, Schulte BM, ... Evel-Kabler K, Chen SY. .... Dohnal AM, Graffi S, Witt V, Eichstill C, Wagner D, Ul-Haq S, et al.

A phase II study of enzastaurin in combination with erlotinib in ...


In previously treated, unselected, advanced NSCLC patients, the addition of .... response (CR) or partial response (PR) (whichever status was recorded first) ... former and current smokers (median PFS of 10.3 vs 1.6 months, respectively; P = 0.02). .... F. Dunphy, The TAX 320 Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Study Group, et al.