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To treat the pain after a root canal, a dentist may recommend over-the-counter medications such as ibuprofin and acetaminophen, or may prescribe a stronger prescription painkiller,...

Root Canal
A root canal is a procedure used to remove the soft center of the tooth called the pulp. The pulp is made up of nerves, connective tissue, and blood vessels. If the pulp is injured or becomes infected, removing the pulp is the best way to save the structure of the tooth. The most common symptoms of pulp damage are tooth pain and gum swelling. More »
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What To Expect After a Root Canal - AAE


It is normal to feel some tenderness in the area for a few days after your root canal ... that has undergone endodontic treatment does not heal or pain continues.

Is it Normal to Have Pain With a Root Canal | What to Expect After a ...


Root canal is usually painful. When people are told that they need a root canal treatment, they usually think about pain. However, the pain they feel is caused by  ...

5 Tips when having Pain After Root Canal Treatment - Dr Perry


Jan 13, 2015 ... Here are 5 simple steps to follow before you have a root canal or during your root canal recovery.

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However, preconceived notions that root canal treatment is filled with pain and ... For the first few days after treatment, your tooth may feel tender or sensitive, ...

Root Canals: Process, Causes, Problems, Surgery, Recovery, and ...


Root canal procedures have the reputation of being painful. Actually, most people report ... What Should One Expect After the Root Canal? For the first few days ...

Endodontic (Root Canal) Treatment Step By Step - Dear Doctor


A Step-By-Step Guide To Root Canal Treatment ... It is normal to have some minor discomfort after treatment including slight soreness that can usually be ...

What to expect after root canal treatment: Post-op Pain, Precautions ...


Pain - Most people will experience little or no discomfort after any of their scheduled root canal appointments. But for those who do, here's information about ...

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Please describe your experience with root canal. ... more pain so they went in after 3 plus weeks of pain and they told me I had to have a root canal and that they ...

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Q: Pain after root canal?
A: Hi, there are many reasons why you could be having this pain. There is always some afterpain. There is also a chance that the temporary filling could be leaking... Read More »
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Q: Pain after root canal.
A: right now anything touching my left molars makes it hurt (not ruling out the possibility of it being a nearby tooth). even cold water hurts. about five seconds ... Read More »
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Q: Pain after Root Canal?
A: The amount of pain that your explaining isn't normal. If you haven't gone to the dentist yet do so now because they're supposed to fill in your tooth. You shoul... Read More »
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Q: Pain after root canal.
A: I don#27;t think you can "guarantee" that a root canal may not fail, and I don#27;t think a dentist can guarantee that it will be 100% successful. The shape and... Read More »
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Q: Pain after root canal?
A: It is not unusual to experience pain and discomfort after a root canal treatment. It should have been explained to you before you left the surgery. Think about ... Read More »
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