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What Causes Chest Pain? Types of Chest Pain & Causes of Each


Though similar to angina chest pain, a heart attack is usually a more severe, crushing pain usually in the center or left side of the chest and is not relieved by rest ...

3 Types of Chest Pain That Won't Kill You - Health Essentials from ...


Mar 18, 2015 ... If you experience pain, pressure or discomfort in the center of your chest or in your arms, back, jaw, neck or stomach — along with shortness of ...

Heart Attack and Conditions That Mimic Heart Attack: Learn About ...


Jan 27, 2015 ... Non-Heart Attack Sources of Chest Pain. ... Many heart attacks involve discomfort in the center of the chest that lasts longer than a few minutes ...

Some causes related to other disorders: Numerous non-cardiac conditions can produce chest pain/discomfort, including heartburn and other gastrointestinal problems, problems with the ribcage or chest muscles, or problems with the lungs or lining of the lungs. Significan... More »
By Richard N. Fogoros, M.D., About.com Guide

Chest Pain and GERD: Assess Your Symptom - Healthline


Dec 8, 2015 ... Generally, you can determine the cause of chest pain by its location, the sensation, your body position, and associated symptoms.

Chest pain: First aid - Mayo Clinic


What first-aid steps to take if you or someone else has chest pain. ... Uncomfortable pressure, fullness or squeezing pain in the center of the chest lasting more ...

Chest pain: A heart attack or something else? - Harvard Health


May 1, 2010 ... Chest pain is an indicator of a possible heart attack, but it may also be a ... fullness, burning, tightness, or pain in the center of the chest. Pain ...

5 Facts About Chest Pain - Rush University Medical Center


An interventional cardiologist at Rush shares five things everyone should know about chest pain.

How to Tell if Your Chest Pain is Heart Related | The Lown ...


Jun 24, 2014 ... Most of us have experienced chest pain at one time or another. For many people, chest pain is a source of fear and anxiety because it is often ...

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Q: Sharp pain in center of chest?
A: Chest pain is a serious symptom meaning "heart attack" to most people. Serious chest discomfort should usually be evaluated by a doctor. However, pain can also ... Read More »
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Q: Pain in center of chest?
A: Someone your age is still growing so using weights might injure your growth plates. Also, it could be a muscle pull. But talk to your doctor before doing anymor... Read More »
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Q: Sharp pain in center of chest.
A: Every so often I get a very sharp pain in the center of my chest.  It feels almost like I need to #27;crack it#27;, as you would your back or your ankle to get ... Read More »
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Q: Vibration in neck chest pains in center of chest.
A: I#27;m 19 yrs old female. I#27;ve been having my heart race since I was 18. My heart doctor put me on the beta blocker atenol to slow down my heart and I#27;ve ... Read More »
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Q: pain in center of chest w/deep breaths
A: my wife woke up today and a few times she said when she would take a deep breath, she would get a pain . she has no other pain . her bp, cholesterol , and other... Read More »
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