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How to Read Marriage Lines in Palms
Palm reading is a popular divination technique, but its results can be interpreted in many different ways. The marriage lines, also known as love lines, can be read to give an indication of the strength, length, and happiness of the marriage, as well as... More »
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Marriage & Children Lines - Spirituality: Palm Reading

Marriage is indicated by the little line (or lines) that are located just below the base of the little finger. Several light lines in this area will indicate romances.

The Marriage Line | senn

This article will explain the marriage line in a palm reading. Which line is the line of marriage? What kind of marriage life you will have? Let's find out the fate ...

Chinese Palm Reading - Marriage, Love and Relationship

Relationship. Marriage Line. The Marriage Line is a small horizontal line on the edge of the palm between the base of the pinkie finger and the Love Line.

Marriage Line: Palmistry Illustrated guide -

Relationship lines are known as the line of marriage or affection lines. The lines are normally present below the little finger on the mount of mercury.

Marriage Line - Multi-Perspective Palm Reading!

Marriage Line: Love & Relationship lines Palm Reading & Palmistry! | Scientific Truth about Relationship Lines on the Palm, relationship lines, affection lines, ...

marriage line in palmistry - love marriage / divorce - indian palm ...

There are so many signs in palmistry denotes Love Marriage, Happily Married, ... If Marriage Line combines with Heart Line then there are chances that person ... Reading Marriage Lines&v=2lh7yxEglUg
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Indian vedic palmistry - Lines inimical to married life - palmistry ...

Indian vedic palmistry and marriage and married life, Marriage line in palmistry, palmistry lines harmful to married life, separation or divorce of couples.

Marriage Line – position and direction - Palmistry

marriage line in palmistry The marriage line is usually cutting the percussion horizontally on the side of the hand between the line of heart and the base of the  ...

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Q: How Accurate Is Palm Reading- Marriage Lines, etc?
A: If you go to a good palmreader they won't tell you specifics like who you will marry or when you will die. Palmreaders can tell you what the main purpose of you... Read More »
Q: How Accurate Is Palm Reading- Marriage Lines, etc?
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Q: How to Read Marriage Lines in Palms.
A: 1. Locate your marriage lines on the palm of your dominant hand. They can be found beginning under the pinky, and will come across the palm and end under the fi... Read More »
Q: How to read marriage lines on palms?
A: Note the length and thickness of the marriage lines. A long, thick line means Read More »
Q: What does it mean in palm reading if you have three marriage line...
A: Fine lines below the pinky mean romances. Deep Read More »