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Origin, Christchurch, New Zealand · Genres, Various: see article. Years active, 1998–present. Pandemonium is a percussion group from Christchurch, New Zealand, formed in 1998 ...

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Apr 6, 2007 ... Pandemonium was coined by Milton in his 1667 Paradise Lost: ... Nor does its origin have anything to do with the excitement over the arrival of ...

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Origin and Etymology of pandemonium. New Latin, from Greek pan- + daimōn evil spirit — more at demon. First Known Use: 1667 ...

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Origin. Mid 17th century: modern Latin (denoting the place of all demons, in Milton's Paradise Lost), from pan- 'all' + ... Words that rhyme with pandemonium.

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Apr 16, 2016 ... By 1779, Pandæmonium had become pandemonium and had acquired the meaning of “a place of uproar” and by 1865 it also acquired the ...

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Origin of pandemonium. From Pandæmonium, capital of Hell in Paradise Lost, an epic poem by John Milton : Greek pan-, pan- + Greek daim&omacron;n, lesser ...

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Jul 5, 1999 ... Dear Word Detective: My husband and I disagree as to the origin of the word " pandemonium." I say the word was formed early in this century ...

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"pandemonium" definition: a state of extreme confusion and disorder. ... Origin: From Pandǽmonium, capital of Hell in Paradise Lost, an epic poem by John ...

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ˌpandeˈmoniˌac, pandemoniacal (ˌpændɪməˈnaɪəkəl) or pandemonic ( ˌpændɪˈmɒnɪk ) adjective. Word origin. C17: coined by Milton to designate the ...

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Pandemonium Day, a day of sheer bedlam and utter chaos. ... Celebrate and embrace Pandemonium Day. Don't let today, ... The Origin of Pandemonium Day: .

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Pandemonium definition, wild uproar or unrestrained disorder; tumult or chaos. See more. ... Origin of pandemonium. Expand. 1660-1670. 1660-70; after ...

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pandemonium (n.) Look up pandemonium at Dictionary.com: 1667, Pandæmonium, in "Paradise Lost" the name of the palace built in the middle of Hell, "the ...

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Pandemonium is often capitalized because the origin of the word is a proper noun. It is grammatically acceptable to use either case, but more often than not you ...