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In grammar, parallelism, also known as parallel structure or parallel construction, is a balance .... By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Wikipedia® is a registered trademark of the Wikimedia Foundation, Inc., ...


Parallel construction means that you. A. use the same grammatical construction in all similar headings throughout an outline. B. repeat the first paragraph of your  ...


Parallel construction, also called parallelism, shows that two or more ideas are ... When two or more parts of a sentence are parallel in meaning, you should.


A. D. use the same grammatical construction in all similar headings throughout the headline.


Parallel structure means using the same pattern of words to show equal ... An incorrect version of this sentence would read: In your bedroom, you can find the ...


Jul 24, 2009 ... Get Grammar Girl's take on how to use parallel construction correctly. Learn what parallel construction is and whether you are doing it right.


Hopefully, you haven't seen too much of this type of writing. ... similar sentences and ideas is called parallel structure, parallel construction, and parallelism.


Jul 6, 2010 ... Parallel construction can help you organize your thoughts, make your writing flow smoothly, and make your meaning clear immediately. (How is ...


Oct 16, 2014 ... domestic spying, parallel construction, DEA, DOJ, Fourth Amendment. ... must be obtained through constitutional means, if not then law enforcement ... without any warrant because they suspect you of doing something illegal.


Aug 10, 2013 ... How do you break something that we've all known about for 20 years? ... I mean, how many times can the DEA, usually via local cops, fortuitously ... media as government lies are given an official name, parallel construction, ...