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Do traffic laws apply in parking lots? - Straight Dope Message Board


And there is a related issue about whether the police have "jurisdiction" to enforce the traffic laws in a parking lot. Again, it varies. 2. If you hit a ...

Traffic Talk: Can police enforce stop signs in parking lots? | MLive.com


Jan 16, 2012 ... Regardless, there could be a Meijer's Parking Lot component to almost any traffic question, because when it comes to how traffic laws are ...

Five Rules for Parking Lot Etiquette - National Motorists Association


Nov 19, 2013 ... In reality, the rules of parking lots are pretty common sense, even if they ... as soon as you enter a parking lot, normal driving rules do not apply anymore. .... will be no-nos after new California distracted driving law takes effect.

How to Use Parking Lot Etiquette (with Pictures) - wikiHow


Observe the legal aspects of driving in a parking lot. You are not likely to be pulled over by the police, but there are laws regarding operating a motor vehicle in a ...

Traffic Signs Posted on Private Property :: Quick and Dirty Tips ™


Mar 15, 2008 ... Learn whether you are obligated to follow stop signs in parking lots. ... So, most states permit a police officer to enforce drunk driving laws on ...

Fault Determination in a Parking Lot Accident - InsuranceHotline.com


Jul 30, 2013 ... Cautious driving in a parking lot is the best way to avoid being involved in an at- fault .... I am sorry but I am unfamiliar with Houston laws.

Parking Lots: Breeding Grounds for Car Accidents - Lawyers.com


Reviewed by David Goguen, J.D., University of San Francisco School of Law .... Any time you're involved in a traffic accident -- whether it's in a parking lot or ...

Parking Lot Accidents, Liability and Compensation


Most non-residential or commercial parking lots don't have traffic signals. ... or other traffic sign implies someone who ignores the sign is breaking a traffic law.

Who receives fault in parking lot accidents? | Reference.com


Determining fault in parking lot accidents depends on two factors: whether one or both cars moved at the time of the accident, and which driver ... Driving Laws.

Police can enforce traffic laws even on private land - tribunedigital ...


Oct 21, 2005 ... But on large parking lots, school campuses and other private roads or property, do municipal police have any authority to enforce the stop signs ...

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Car Accidents: Determining Liability in a Parking Lot | by Nolo


If two cars collide in a parking lot, how do you prove fault? ... Car Accidents, Insurance And Injury Law · Proving Fault For Car Accidents · Fault In Common .... Driver Backs Out of Parking Space, Collides With Car Driving Down Parking Lane.

Who Is at Fault for an Accident in a Parking Lot? - Accident Law


It can sometimes be harder to prove fault in a parking lot accident, especially if traffic lanes are not well marked or are poorly designed so that, for example, ...

Are there traffic laws in parking lots? - Quora


This depends on several factors, including the jurisdiction, who owns the parking lot, whether it can be considered a "public throughway" (regardless of ...