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The History of Parkour
Learn about some of the history of Parkour, including some of the terminology used when discussing the sport.... More »
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Parkour is a training discipline using movement that developed from military obstacle course training. Practitioners aim to get from one ...


Parkour History. Trying to pinpoint the exact moment of the birth of Parkour is no easy task. In fact, it may actually prove to be an impossibility. Something as ...


A Brief & Basic History of Parkour. Hebert-00. Georges Hebert. In 1902, a catastrophic volcanic eruption obliterated the town of St. Pierre on the Caribbean  ...


Parkour's development into a cohesive discipline first began in 1988 in Lisses, France, when David Belle was 15 years old. Belle was greatly influenced by his ...


Parkour History. The earliest form of Parkour in history was defined by Georges Hebert, a naval officer in the French army who served both during World War I ...


Parkour timeline following the history of Parkour and Free running and the changes that happened during the evolution of these disciplines.


History of Parkour. To the south of Paris rest the sleepy, suburban towns of Evry, Sarcelles and Lisses, places no different from any other of the hundreds of ...


1900's French naval officer Georges Hébert devises and promotes a natural method of training to become stronger, courageous and altruistic members of society.


The foundation of parkour is said to have originated in France. The Parkour Generations website makes an attempt to chronicle the early history of parkour.