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For example, one of the uses of the English present participle is to express ..... In the example, the participial phrase τὸν εὖ στρατηγή...

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Since all phrases require two or more words, a participle phrase will often include objects and/or modifiers that complete the thought. Here are some examples:.

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The participial phrase is always used as an adjective phrase to modify a noun or ... Example: Mr. Flynn, annoyed by Joe's question, answered him impatiently. 1.

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What is a Participle Phrase? Here you'll find a helpful definition and several examples that help you understand their usage in sentences. Click here.

I retreated into a dark coffee shop, where I sat shivering, drinking a three-dollar cup of coffee with both hands, watching the rain through the window, and realized I had a cold coming on." When the participial phrase comes before a main clause, it is followed by a co... More »
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Examples of participles phrases. See the definition of Participle ... A participle phrase is an adjective phrase that starts with a participle. Look at this example:.

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Participial Phrases. A participial phrase begins with a past or present participle. Examples are: Washed with my clothes, my cell phone no longer worked.

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Apr 13, 2011 ... The participial phrase functions as an adjective modifying Jack. ... This situation is an example of a dangling modifier error since the modifier ...

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Regular verbs typically form their past participles by adding ‑ed. Irregular verbs, however, form their past participles in some other way. For example, they ...

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Jul 25, 2013 ... "Beating you over the head with examples" is the participial phrase modifying the subject, "I." "Beating" is the participle in the phrase "beating ...

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Q: Past Participial Phrase, examples?
A: A participial phrase is adjectival and not part of a verb. Example: Built in the 1960s, city hall serves as the municipal center. The past participial phrase is... Read More »
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Q: What is example of participial phrase?
A: DANCING UNDER THE MOON, she found perfect happiness. (dancing = present participle) BITTEN BY THE DOG, he limped home in pain. (bitten = past participle) Both o... Read More »
Source: wiki.answers.com
Q: What is an example of a participial phrase
A: The car sliding out of control toward building will likely hit the ... ...MORE... Read More »
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Q: What is an example of a participial phrase?
A: The car sliding out of control toward building will likely hit the window. The 'sliding out of control' is the participial phrase. SLIDING modifies the CAR. rep... Read More »
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Q: Example of participial phrase?
A: Jaded by too much , I decided to take the night off. "Jaded by too much " is the participial phrase. "Jaded" is the is the past participle of "jade" Read More »
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