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Parts of a newspaper article include the headline or title, byline, lead and story. Before writing these individual parts, the author should conduct adequate research and find reli...

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Parts of Newspaper. Parts or sections of the newspaper includes: The News Section; The Opinion Section; The Entertainment Section; The Sport Section; The  ...

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Jul 23, 2008 ... Best Answer: PARTS OF A NEWSPAPER: Headline The words printed in large type across the top of a newspaper article to catch the reader's ... of a Newspaper&v=LcsOuGcaqZs
Apr 4, 2012 ... thanks for uploading this video , its easier to understand and identify the parts of a news paper if we have a video like this. easier to teach my ...

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Newspapers are usually divided into different sections. Each section covers a particular type of news. Drag and drop each news topic onto the correct ... of a Newspaper&v=MYsv-xErcbA
Aug 8, 2010 ... Parts of the Newspaper .... Video: A behind-the-scenes glimpse into how this newspaper gets ... Weaving a square bottom from newspapers.

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Apr 25, 2013 ... Parts of Newspaper. 1. Article that expresses the stand/opinion of theeditors and publishers on a current issue.Though you are entitled to your ...

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Parts of a Newspaper. Index. Front of the newspaper; Shows where everything is located; Lists all the parts of the newspaper. California; Weather; The Funnies.

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Hey there! A typical newspaper has five or six sections. Often, they're labeled A-F or A-G. The front section, or main section, usually contains the most important ...

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Q: Part of the newspaper?
A: It is referred to as a section. Read More »
Q: Parts of the newspaper?
A: main page editorial page sports page business and agriculture pages classified ads obituary lifestyle section fun page (family pages) entertainment section stud... Read More »
Q: Parts of a Newspaper?
A: Parts of a newspaper are: (1)HEADLINE--What the story is about ; intended to grab your attention. BANNER headlines (such as "WAR DECLARED") span the top of the ... Read More »
Q: What are small parts of a newspaper
A: Editorials, movies, radio, television and other entertainment activ... ...MORE... Read More »
Q: What are the parts of a newspaper article?
A: There are five parts of a newspaper article: Headline, Biline, Lead Read More »