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The human skin is the outer covering of the body. In humans, it is the largest organ of the .... The hypodermis is not part of the skin, and lies below the dermis.

The Skin (Human Anatomy): Picture, Definition, Function, and Skin ...


WebMD's Skin Anatomy Page provides a detailed image of the skin and its parts as well as a medical definition. Learn about the skin's function and conditions ...

Parts of the skin, lower dermis, dermis, epidermis, sebaceous glands ...


Skincare. Parts of the skin are described. Theses are: lower dermis, dermis, epidermis,sebaceous glands, and hair. These are described.

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Epidermis is the top layer of the skin, the part of the skin you see. Dermis is the second layer of skin. It's much thicker and does a lot for your body. Subcutaneous  ...

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Different Parts of the Skin. Epidermis This layer is seen on the surface of the skin. ... These cells produce a dark pigment called melanin which contributes to skin ...

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The skin is made up of three layers, each with its own important parts. The layer on the outside is called the epidermis (say: eh-pih-DUR-mis). The epidermis is ...

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This article describes the parts of the skin (dermis, epidermis, etc), their functions, and clinical significance. Learn this topic now at Kenhub.

HSE - Skin at work: Work-related skin disease – Skin structure and ...


Jul 29, 2014 ... Looks at the structure and function of skin. The skin is the largest organ of the body. It has three main layers, the epidermis, the dermis and the ...

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Each component of the skin plays a role in its daily function, therefore every ... Each hair follicle (in the hairy parts of the skin) is attached to a muscle, the arrector ...

Human Skin: Layers, Function & Structure - Video & Lesson ...


This lesson will cover the three main layers of your skin, which includes the ... stratum lucidum layer of the epidermis is typically only found in certain body parts .

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The skin (human anatomy): Picture, definition, function and skin ...


BootsWebMD helps you look beneath the surface of the skin and find out about conditions affecting the skin.

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Explore the Structure and Function of the Skin from the Home Version of the Merck Manuals.

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hair follicle - a tube-shaped sheath that surrounds the part of the hair that is under the skin. It is located in the epidermis and the dermis. The hair is nourished by ...