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Vasovagal response - Wikipedia


A vagal episode or vasovagal response or vasovagal attack (also called neurocardiogenic syncope) is a malaise mediated by the vagus nerve. When it leads to fainting, also known as a "syncope"...

How to handle fainting at the sight of blood - WebMD


Why the sight of blood might make you faint – and what you can do about it.

Applied Tension Technique - For People who Faint at the Sight of ...


Most people feel a bit uneasy when they see blood or have to get a needle. However, for some people, seeing blood or needles causes them to faint or to feel ...

Blood Phobia & Fear of Fainting: How to Solve this Problem


A blood phobia is a condition in which a person is likely to faint at the sight of blood, the anticipation of physical injury, or the anticipation of an injection.

How to Get Over Being Squeamish at the Sight of Blood - WSJ


Jun 15, 2015 ... The sight of blood causes many people to get queasy and lightheaded. They may even pass out. The phobia is common enough that it earned ...

Blood, sweat and fears - A common phobia's odd pathophysiology ...


Had I remained standing, I probably would have fainted. Since then, I have felt nauseated at the sight of blood on several occasions and fainted on another.

Why Do Some People Faint When They See Blood? | Popular Science


Mar 18, 2013 ... Getting dizzy and fainting at the sight of someone else's blood doesn't seem to be the most, uh, evolutionarily appropriate response. How's that ...

Do You Faint at the Sight of Blood? - Inside PA Training


Jul 31, 2012 ... Feeling faint at the sight of blood is common, but it doesn't mean you shouldn't go into medicine. Here's why...

Faint at the Sight of Blood | Student Doctor Network


Do any of you current med students know of anyone in their class who fainted at the sight of blood? did they have to drop out of med school? or ...

Fight, flight or ... faint? Why some people pass out when they see ...


Apr 27, 2016 ... Most people find the sight of blood or a hypodermic needle enough to cause some discomfort, but why is it that some people faint when they're ...

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Why Do Some People Faint at the Sight of Blood? | Psychology Today


Feb 16, 2013 ... Fainting at the sight of blood may be a primitive reflex buried in our brains ... cuts your arm off, the sight of blood or injury may cause you to faint.

Why some people faint at the sight of blood - The Body Odd


Sep 1, 2010 ... More importantly, medical experts believe fainting at the sight of blood probably helped some of our ancestors survive some horrible things.

Why some of us faint at the sight of blood - Health & Wellbeing - ABC


Oct 22, 2014 ... Fainting at the sight of blood is not an uncommon habit. So what causes it and do you need to do anything about it?