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Physical activity and public health. A recommendation from the ...

Pate RR(1), Pratt M, Blair SN, Haskell WL, Macera CA, Bouchard C, Buchner D, Ettinger W, Heath GW, King AC, et al. Author information: (1)Department of ...

High temperature does not alter fatigability in intact mouse skeletal ...

Aug 12, 2009 ... 1995; Westerblad et al. ... 6°C above the normal in situ temperature (van der Poel & Stephenson, 2002). ... 1999; Nybo & Nielsen, 2001; Zhang et al. ... those for soleus at 43°C. Mean values of the half-contraction time (51 ± 6 vs. ..... [PMC free article] [PubMed]; Pate E, Bhimani M, Franks-Skiba K, Cooke R.

the melvin cornish collection - University of Oklahoma Libraries ...

University of Oklahoma Libraries. Western History Collections. Melven Cornish Collection. Box 1. Folder: 1. Askew, et al v. Choctaw and Chickasaw Nations, ...

etc vs. et vs. al – The Correct Way to Use Each | Confusing Words

Keep using etc. instead of et al.? Check out Ginger's spelling book and make sure you never confuse etc. and et al. again!

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NANB hepatitis and chronic liver disease [Chen et al.,. 1990; Kuo et al., 1989; Van Der Poel et al., 19901. Although ... pate in this study were obtained from 39 patients. ..... Benamouzig R, Ezratty V, Chaussade S (1990): Risk for type C hepati-.

Top 10 Reasons for Quality Physical Education - SHAPE America

McKenzie et al., 2004; Pate et al., 2005; Sallis et al., 1997), improved self-concept (Goni. & Zulaika, 2000), increased self-efficacy (Dishman et al., 2004), improved ...... Kim, J., Must, A., Fitzmaurice, G. M., Gillman, M. W., Chomitz, V., Kramer,.

ARTICLES | Journal of Applied Physiology

Feb 1, 2008 ... In contrast, the maximal unloaded shortening velocity (V0) is highly correlated with the actomyosin .... These results were consistent with the data of Pate et al. ..... Edwards JN, Macdonald WA, van der Poel C, Stephenson DG.

Hypercoagulable - Emory University School of Medicine

ting factor V supplies clotting cascade-forming fibrin threads ... pate for masses or tenderness. Be alert for scars ..... Coppens M, van de Poel MH, Bank I, et al.

Unclassified ENV/JM/MONO(2011)51 ENV /JM/MONO(2011 ... - OECD

Oct 25, 2011 ... Organisation de Coopération et de Développement Économiques ..... SECTION V - SUGGESTED CONSTITUENTS TO BE ANALYSED RELATED TO FEED USE ......... 36. A. ..... used as a roughage ingredient in beef and dairy rations (Pate, 1979). .... its behaviour during storage (van der Poel et al., 1998).

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PATE [35], POTE [36], STAMP-1 [37], AIbZIP. [38], HPG-1 [39], ..... Lee et al. [66] constructed an artificial prostate-specific enhancing sequence (PSES) com- prising a minimal ...... [4] Scattoni V, Montorsi F, Picchio M, Roscigno M, Salonia A ,. Rigatti P .... [56] DeWeese TL, van der Poel H, Li S, Mikhak B, Drew R,. Goemann M .....

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