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Socioeconomic inequality in malnutrition in developing countries


Feb 19, 2008 ... Ellen Van de Poel, <sup>corresponding author</sup> .... Other relevant cross-country studies include those of Pradhan et al., who describe total inequality, and Smith et al. .... Average stunting versus the negative of the concentration index.

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total inequality, and Smith et al.,17 who describe .... (see also Van de Poel et al. 24 for an ..... Average stunting versus the negative of the concentration index.

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physiological temperatures (Ranatunga, 1987; Pate et al. 1995; Westerblad et al. ... production (van der Poel & Stephenson, 2002; Moopanar. & Allen, 2005).

The cross-bridge cycle and skeletal muscle fatigue - ARTICLES ...


Feb 1, 2008 ... In contrast, the maximal unloaded shortening velocity (V0) is highly correlated with the actomyosin .... These results were consistent with the data of Pate et al. ..... Edwards JN, Macdonald WA, van der Poel C, Stephenson DG.

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Oct 3, 2016 ... of the different HEV subtypes used by Smith et al. ..... products (meat, liver, liver paté, ficatellu or liver-based stuffing) without direct proof that ...

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decrease, in muscle temperature (Crowley et al. 1991). In the above ... mixture of type IIA and type I fibres (Allen et al. 1993). ... potential to produce increased levels of ROS (Bacic et al. 2008) and ..... temperatures (Pate et al. 1995 ... (i) and H2O2 (v). ... and/or Fmax (van der Poel & Stephenson, 2002; Moopanar. & Allen...

The cross-bridge cycle and skeletal muscle fatigue - Science In ...


Dec 27, 2007 ... 1 reproduced from Geeves et al. .... myosin-V), ADP dissociation is associated with a further displacement of the .... consistent with the data of Pate et al. ..... Edwards JN, Macdonald WA, van der Poel C, Stephenson DG. O2.

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Sep 28, 2015 ... Citation: Gomez GB, Foster N, Brals D, Nelissen HE, Bolarinwa OA, Hendriks ME, et al. (2015) ..... One-way sensitivity analysis comparing KSHI care vs standard of care. .... Abimbola S, Okoli U, Olubajo O, Abdullahi MJ, Pate MA. .... Bonfrer I, van de Poel E, Gustafsson-Wright E, van Doorslaer E. Effects of a ...

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39 1C) (Nielsen et al., 2001) and were associated with an increase in perceived ... in voluntary force production (Local vs central tem- peratures). Exercise ...

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ting factor V supplies clotting cascade-forming fibrin threads ... pate for masses or tenderness. Be alert for scars ..... Coppens M, van de Poel MH, Bank I, et al.

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Physical activity and public health. A recommendation from the ...


Pate RR(1), Pratt M, Blair SN, Haskell WL, Macera CA, Bouchard C, Buchner D, Ettinger W, Heath GW, King AC, et al. Author information: (1)Department of ...

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associated with foodborne or waterborne transmission (Locarnini et al., 1974). .... herds and in some pigs (van der Poel et al., 2000). The .... Paté and other cooked meats ...... Mead, P.S., Slutsker, L., Dietz, V., McCaig, L.F., Bresee, J.S., et al.,.

Virus hazards from food, water and other contaminated environments


Oct 24, 2011 ... Correspondence: Wim H.M. van der Poel, Department of Virology, Emerging and Zoonotic ... soil, air, fomites (objects capable of transmitting microbial pathogens) or food (Bidawid et al., 2009). ...... If, for example, a sampling plan for a pâté factory is required, a balanced approach ..... Infectious particles vs.