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of our acuity tool. The nurse man- ager and UBC agreed that equitable patient assignments and adequate unit staffing could be addressed by improving the tool .


Yet determining patients' acuity to promote more equitable assignments can be challenging. Some hospitals or nursing units use an established acuity tool.


Others are geared toward special patients populations, like the Oncology Acuity Tool. In 2007, the Association of UK University Hospital Systems developed the ...


Question: I'm looking for acuity tools for nurse-patient assignments. I live in Maine so staffing isn't based on ratios. Does anyone have a tool or resource that I ...


Productivity and Financial Management Tools . ... Nursing resources are allocated based on patient need, or acuity, as a measure of the intensity and complexity.


Patient acuity is a concept that is very important to patient safety. ... There is little evidence, however, regarding the extent to which these tools are being used.


J Nurs Meas. 2012;20(3):155-85. The oncology acuity tool: a reliable, valid method for measuring patient acuity for nurse assignment decisions. Brennan CW(1) ...


Jul 17, 2013 ... levels. The SNCT is: • An evidence based tool that enables nurses to assess patient acuity and dependency, incorporating a staffing multiplier ...


Feb 24, 2016 ... Intensive Care Units in which the acuity tool ... whereby the charge RN has the ability to adjust patient acuity upwards based on professional ...


of a new acuity tool, the Patient Classification System. The PCS tool ... for in- patient care. Interrater reliability among nurses was 87% with the author's acuity tool.