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Challenging Patient Curriculum for Family Medicine Residents ... Scenario 1 ... live with her sons, where she may have less access to med facilities/nursing care.


How to use this tool: Use the scenarios in this tool to practice and improve disclosure ... care while different physicians argue about the proper course of treatment. ... The procedure is technically challenging due to the patient's obesity but ...


Simulation of Pediatric Diabetic Patient. • Placenta ... Intermediate / Complex - 2 Medical / Surgical Scenarios 2 Sessions Each ... palliative care for chronically ill.


Clinical Settings. End of life planning can be a difficult process for anyone to navigate. ACP Decisions is committed to having patients make informed decisions ...


Sep 20, 2012 ... Geriatric patient fall assessment is a frequent and likely scenario to ... EMS care for feeding tubes, in-dwelling catheters and tracheostomies.


to use the text of the scenarios, vision statements and audacious goals for education and planning ... different scenarios for patient-centered care in 2015:.


You are the critical care nurse about to receive Mr. Sweet, a 24-year-old DKA ( diabetic ketoacidosis) patient from the ED. The medical diagnosis tells you to ...


Simulation Scenario: Trans* and Gender Non-Conforming Identified Patient Care . Expected Simulation Run Time: TBD ...


You are here: Home / Class Notes / Critical Thinking 1 – Scenarios ... The following scenarios will help you start developing the thought process of critical ...


PRIMARY CARE CLERKSHIP PRACTICE EXAMS. 1. Practice ... Practice these scenarios in groups of 3, alternating among Patient, Student, and Assessor roles.