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Patriotism is an emotional attachment to a nation which an individual recognizes as their homeland. This attachment, also known as national feeling or national ...

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Patriotism definition, devoted love, support, and defense of one's country; national loyalty. See more.

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noun pa·tri·ot·ism \ˈpā-trē-ə-ˌti-zəm, chiefly British ˈpa-\. Simple Definition of patriotism. : love that people feel for their country. Source: Merriam-Webster's ...

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pa·tri·ot·ism n. Love of and devotion to one's country. American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fifth Edition. Copyright © 2011 by Houghton  ...

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There are, actually, a lot of ways to demonstrate your patriotism. Waving the flag is an obvious way, but anything that celebrates your country or makes it stronger  ...

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Patriotism, n. Combustible rubbish ready to the torch of any one ambitious to illuminate his name. In Dr. Johnson's famous dictionary patriotism is defined as the ...

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patriotism meaning, definition, what is patriotism: the feeling of loving your country more than any others and being proud of it. Learn more.

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Jul 15, 1991 ... This patriotism too has deep roots and long continuity in our history. Its voice is often temporarily shouted down by the battle cries of the first ...

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Patriotism is love and support of your country. An example of patriotism is waving the flag proudly on your home. YourDictionary definition and usage example.

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Love of country; devotion to the welfare of one's compatriots; the virtues and actions of a patriot; the passion which inspires one to serve one's country, ...

[pey-tree-uh-tiz-uhm or, esp. British, pa-]
devoted love, support, and defense of one's country; national loyalty.
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patriotism | Define patriotism at Dictionary.com
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