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Patriot (American Revolution)


This article is about the Patriots in the American Revolution. For other uses, see ... modern Canada. There they called themselves the United Empire Loyalists.

Loyalists vs Patriots The Arguments Loyalists Patriots


Loyalists vs Patriots The Arguments. Loyalists. 1. A strong unified British. Empire is good for all. 2. Colonist are British subjects and should obey British law. 3.

American Revolution for Kids: Patriots and Loyalists - Ducksters


Kids learn about Patriots and Loyalists during the Revolutionary War. One side wanted independence while the other wanted to remain part of Britain.

Loyalists, Fence-sitters, and Patriots [ushistory.org]


Loyalists, Fence-sitters, and Patriots. ... were spilt three ways because many held firm to pacifist beliefs and found themselves in opposition to both sides.

British Loyalists vs. American Patriots During the ... - Study.com


In this lesson, learn about the difficult decisions faced by individuals as the American Revolution erupted. Would you have been a Loyalist or a...

Loyalists Vs. Patriots - SlideShare


Dec 19, 2008 ... Lesson Topic Loyalists vs. Patriots Two groups emerged, those that Big Idea supported independence and those that supported …

Loyalists and Patriots - YouTube


Oct 24, 2013 ... This video is about Loyalists and Patriots. ... I'm in 8th grade, and I have my unit test on the patriots/loyalists, Declaration of Independence, etc.

Loyalist Vs Patriot


Loyalist vs. Patriot. (Taken from a 2005 exhibit on the Revolution I curated at my museum). One of the difficulties in studying any time period is the inherent lack ...

Patriot, Loyalist, or Neutral? You Decide


colonists who opposed independence from Britain were known as Loyalists. Most Patriots supported independence because they felt that recent British laws on ...

Patriots vs Loyalists? | Yahoo Answers


Nov 28, 2007 ... Here is a link to the differences between Patriots and Loyalists. http://vmead. tripod.com/beliefs.htm. Basically, Loyalists want to support King ...

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Q: What were the patriots and loyalists beliefs?
A: big balls thats why. Read More »
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Q: What are the similarities of the Patriots and Loyalists beliefs?
A: I assume you mean the Patriots and Loyalists of the time of the American Revolution, c. 1775-1780. The American Loyalists were really of the same origins, speak... Read More »
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Q: What were the loyalists and patriots beliefs?
A: The loyalists were people who opposed the war for independence while the patriots were American colonists who wanteed the independence. Read More »
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Q: How are the Loyalist and Patriot alike.
A: they were both "American" and they still had some of the same beliefs. Read More »
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Q: Who is richer a Loyalist or a Patriot?
A: There were rich and poor members of both affiliations; the economic status of an individual depended on his or her Read More »
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