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Deafness Gene Expression Patterns in the Mouse Cochlea Found ...


Mar 27, 2014 ... The numbers of differentially expressed genes for apex vs. base, apex vs. middle, middle vs. base. ... only a limited number of genes showed tonotopic expression pattern. ... Sato et al. demonstrated differential gene expression profiles along the .... Hilgert N, Alasti F, Dieltjens N, Pawlik B, Wollnik B, et al.

Proteomics Identifies Multipotent and Low Oncogenic Risk Stem ...


Dec 18, 2009 ... ... of these cells and the very unique and limited proteins that do not overlap. .... WNT proteins are known to interact with NOTCH (Duncan et al., .... [PubMed]; Chang CW, Lai YS, Pawlik KM, Liu K, Sun CW, Li C, .... Gentile L, Ko K, Sebastiano V, Arauzo-Bravo MJ, Ruau D, Han DW, Zenke M, Scholer HR.

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dence that adult population size is limited by recruit- ment for species on ... Pawlik 1992). ... al. 1994, W~ng et al. 1995). Knowledge of early post- settlement events is critical in determining if and when ..... Patella cochlear ... Boltenia v~ llosa.

The Velocities of Red Cell and Plasma Flows Through Parenchymal ...


Published by Raven Press, Ltd" New York. The Velocities of Red ..... RBC (V mr) and RISA (V mp) spaces and the following re lationship: (3) ... suka et al., 1991a), the mean transit time of blood through the local system of .... Dorsal cochlear nucleus. 9.5 ±1.0 ..... der appear to be perfused by just plasma (Pawlik et. aI., 1981 ...

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Aug 29, 2008 ... N. Hilgert et al. / Mutation Research 681 ..... receives a cochlear implant, several studies have shown that the parents can expect their child to ...

Evoked potential tests in clinical diagnosis - Tidsskrift for Den norske ...


We record evoked response peaks from the cochlear nerve, superior olive, lateral lemniscus ... Moreover, the difference between waves I and V is clearly prolonged (5.3 ms). .... Marmor MF, Fulton AB, Holder GE et al. ... Haupt WF, Pawlik G, Thiel A. Initial and serial evoked potentials in cerebrovascular critical care patients.

Unmyelinated Axons of the Auditory Nerve in Cats - Ryugo Lab


report is limited to regions of the ventral cochlear nucleus near the auditory nerve root. The ... ipsilateral cochlear nucleus (Ruggero et al., '82; Leake-. Jones and Snyder .... w/v) were made through glass micropipettes (inner tip diameter ...... 77- 105. Heiss, W.-D., C. Beil, K. Herholz, G. Pawlik, R. Wagner, and W. Wienhard.

Specialization of Left Auditory Cortex for Speech Perception in Man ...


Third, we show that this acoustic temporal processing is not limited to speech sounds but .... The presurgical SEEG (Bancaud et al., 1965; 1992; Chauvel et al., 1996) of .... We analyzed the evoked responses to VS and VLS in the left and right PT ..... /e/ in the discharge patterns of cat anteroventral cochlear nucleus neurons.

Hereditary hearing loss: From human mutation to mechanism


mutation identified in the DIAPH1 gene in 1997 (Lynch et al., 1997). In 1994, the ... that are responsible for, but not limited to, gene regulation, fluid homeostasis ...... Lewis, M.A., Zampini, V., Hackney, C.M., Masetto, S., Holley, M.C., Steel, K.P., . Marcotti, W. .... their expression with age and hearing loss in the mouse cochlea.

Program in PDF - International Conference on Computational Science


Jun 7, 2013 ... El Prat airport is 13 km southeast of Barcelona and 20 km from the CCIB. .... Author(s): S. Bastrakov, I. Meyerov, V. Gergel, A. Gonoskov, .... Presenter: J. Ferrer Savall, Conservatoire National des Arts et Metiers. 2. ..... Presenter: T. Sakurai, Central Research Laboratory, Hitachi, Ltd., Yokohama, Japan. 4.

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Genetics of Hearing and Deafness


Oct 8, 2012 ... Most of these genes play roles within the cochlea and thus ... hearing, their expression is not necessarily limited to the inner ear. ..... Protein can be tracked by immunoassays (Di Palma et al., 2001; Hertzano et al., 2007; Qu et al., 2012). ..... an absent auditory nerve versus an endocochlear dysfunction (i.e., ...

Forty-six genes causing nonsyndromic hearing ... - (AC) Hilversum


Aug 29, 2008 ... N. Hilgert et al. / Mutation Research 681 ..... receives a cochlear implant, several studies have shown that the parents can expect their child to ...

Semicircular canal morphogenesis in the zebrafish ... - Development


Sep 25, 2013 ... Published by The Company of Biologists Ltd ... the semicircular canal ducts ( Abraira et al., 2008; Chang et al., 2008). (reviewed by .... in the A and P pillars, but is now strongly expressed in the V bulge and projection. ...... Patterning of the mammalian cochlea. .... Pawlik, B., Nürnberg, G., Wakeling, E. L. et al.