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Pegasus is one of the best known creatures in Greek mythology. He is a winged divine stallion also known as a horse usually depicted as pure white in color.

Pegasus Books | Berkeley and Oakland


This October and November, Pegasus collects donations for Super Stars ... It's easy to donate: Buy a Pegasus gift card for any amount and donate at time of ...

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Pegasus - Greek Mythology


Pegasus was a flying horse in Greek mythology, usually depicted as white coloured. His father was Poseidon and his mother was the Gorgon Medusa; he wa...

Pegasus Airlines


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Pegasus Solutions


Official Website. More than 20 years ago Pegasus Solutions created and launched hotel switch technology; today our customers include approximately 90000 ...

Pegasus Project: Pegasus Voyages


The Pegasus Project has taken thousands of kids onto the Bay for marine environment education aboard Pegasus. We invite you to support the youth program ...

Pegasus WMS – Automate, recover, and debug scientific computations


The Pegasus team is very happy to hear about LIGO's incredible discovery: the first detection of gravitational waves from colliding black holes. We congratulate ...

PEGASUS (Pegasos) - Winged Horse of Greek Mythology


In Greek mythology Pegasus was an immortal, winged horse which sprang from the neck of the beheaded Gorgon Medusa. It was tamed by Bellerophon who ...

Pegasus Mail and Mercury


Apr 21, 2016 ... An e-mail system for Novell NetWare (v. 2.15A and later), and standalone systems using the WINSOCK TCP/IP interface.

Pegasus is a mighty winged horse of Greek myth. According to legend, Pegasus sprang forth from drops of blood when Perseus cut off the head of Medusa. The horsemaster Bellerophon tamed Pegasus with a golden bridle provided by the goddess Athena. Together... More »
Born: ?, Ancient Greece