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When I got up this morning and saw my stainless steel and white dryer cover in black ink due to an exploded pen I thought it was ruined. Hubby and I used goo ...

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Sep 12, 2012 ... I recently got a phone call from a friend. She was panicking because her son had left a pen in a pair of shorts, and it exploded in the dryer.

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Apr 18, 2014 ... How to quickly and effectively clean ink from your dryer. ... this is my sons acct btw, but i also had a pen explode in my dryer and needed to find ...

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Aug 29, 2012 ... How to get ink out of ur dryer using nail polish remover! Sorry about the ... My dryer was basically painted in ink from where a pen exploded in it.

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When a forgotten pen explodes in the dryer there is no need to run out and buy a new machine. Rather, follow these simple tips to remove ink stains from a dryer ...

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Feb 8, 2001 ... Somehow a pen in hubby's pocket made it to the washing machine and then into the dryer where it got ... I had an ink pen explode in my dryer.

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If I put my clothes in the dryer now will they come out stained? .... Once the pen exploded, the clothes already in there basically soak up the ...

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Apr 30, 2015 ... Q: I had a pen explode in my dryer during a load of whites. I have attempted to re- wash them and re-wash them with 3/4 cup of bleach added in.

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How to Remove an Ink Stain from a Dryer Drum. When a pen accidentally gets washed, there is a possibility that the ink will leak and leave a stain on your dryer  ...

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Learn how to remove the ink from a washer or dryer before it does any damage. ... Here's how to remove ink from the washer or dryer if a pen explodes in your ...

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Q: Help! Pen Exploded in Dryer
A: Joann's sells an ink remover for clothing, Carbona brand, it's by the notions. Have you tried rubbing alcohol, then wiping clean with a damp rag? That really st... Read More »
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Q: Red ink pen exploded in dryer?
A: Methanol will probably work and would not damage the underlying surface. I'd also try grafeitti remover, but test in an inconspicuous spot. With any of these pr... Read More »
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Q: Red ink pen exploded in dryer.
A: Emland - My wife one time melted lipstick on her nurses's uniform and she used what is called (LESTOIL) IT took the lipstick out of the uniform, dryer etc. I al... Read More »
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Q: Pen exploded in dryer, how to remove ink from inside the dryer?
A: I hesitate to suggest ANY cleaning products that might be combustible when heated. That leaves out hydrogen peroxide, WD40 and paint thinner. You might consider... Read More »
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Q: An ink pen exploded in my dryer!?
A: OOPs will get it out of the dryer and you can blot it on the clothes ion the ink spots, and gently rub and blot with a paper towel and it should come out. You c... Read More »
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