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For other uses, see AWOL (disambiguation) and Deserter (disambiguation). ... 9 Penalties; 10 Legal status of desertion in cases of war crime; 11 See also ...

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The maximum punishment for this offense depends on the exact ... (1) Failing to go to, or going from, the appointed place of duty (such as being late for work, ...

AWOL and Desertion - Probable Punishments


It's unlikely that a military member would receive the maximum possible punishment for AWOL and Desertion, listed in the Manual for Courts-Martial. Here are ...

Failure to Report for Duty: Desertion, AWOL, and Other Charges ...


Basics of AWOL, missing movement, and desertion in the military. ... desertion, and missing movement—all carrying very serious penalties, up to and including the death penalty for desertion during war. ... Going from appointed place of duty.

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Feb 29, 2008 ... my brother just graduated usmc basic training and is thinking about goin awol and not reporting into mct. what kind of punishment does he face ...

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Aug 13, 2010 ... I was 22 when I joined the army. It was always an ambition and I believed the army was a force for good, helping developing nations become ...

AWOL or UA from Active Duty: Fact Sheet · GI Rights Hotline: Military ...


In an effort to deter GIs from going AWOL/UA many commands circulate ... congressionally declared wars and no one has received such punishment in decades.

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Since he already has a 9 month suspended sentence for going AWOL once before, I'm assuming they'll give him actual time this time.

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More than a quarter of absentees said their primary reason for going AWOL ... Punishment for absence is not necessarily the end of soldier's career; many do ...

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Penalties for Going AWOL From the Marines. Going absent without leave (AWOL) from the United States Marine Corps is illegal according to the article 86 of the ...

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Q: Penalties for Going AWOL From the Marines.
A: Court Martial. Marines who go AWOL are in clear violation of the UCMJ and, accordingly, they will be arrested by the proper authorities given the opportunity. A... Read More »
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Q: What is the penalty for going Awol from the army??
A: my friend was arrested a few nights ago because the military wanted him... He always told us he was med. discharged... but when we asked to see his papers he wo... Read More »
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Q: What is penalty if you go awol in the army?
A: the consequences of going awol from the army depend largely upon how long a soldier has been in the military. for instance, one who has not yet completed ait an... Read More »
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Q: Can soldiers go AWOL without penalties?
A: They are still under contract whether they are paid or not. Nope, they cannot just leave. And anyone who says that troops do not serve for the money should see ... Read More »
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Q: What are the penalties for being awol?
A: AWOL in any branch will get you a court-martial with an Article. Your punishment can range from deduction in rank, forfeiture of pay, jail time, DD (dishonorabl... Read More »
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