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Psychic staring effect

His students described the feeling as "a state of unpleasant tingling, which ... sense the stares of others and those who claimed to be capable of "making people ...

Can We Tell When Someone Is Staring at Us? - CSI

It is commonly believed that people can tell when someone is staring at them. ... beings is “the feeling of being stared at,” which is closely related, historically, ...

Research on the Feeling of Being Stared At - CSI

A variety of surveys have shown that most people believe they can feel unseen stares (Sheldrake 1994). In his article ”Can we tell when someone is staring at us  ...

Think someone's staring at you? You're not paranoid... it's - Daily Mail

Apr 12, 2013 ... Scientists suggest this feeling is designed to put us on our guard or make ... We are hard-wired to feel people are staring at us - even when they ...

How you know eyes are watching you | Psychology Today

You know that feeling you get when you're being stared at? ... Sometimes it almost feels like ESP, this ability to detect another person stare, because it ... has come to depend more on cooperating and coordinating our efforts with other people, ...

The Many Creepy Experiments That Involved Staring At People - Io9

Apr 11, 2014 ... We dislike people staring at us so much that we subconsciously try to ... Some experimenters feel that tipping people off that they are being ...

The Sense of Being Stared At - Part 1: Is it Real ... - Rupert Sheldrake

Most people have had the experience of turning round feeling that someone is ... women, curiosity was the most frequent reason for staring at others when they.

Why is it that we can sometimes "feel" people's stares? | Yahoo ...

Jun 4, 2011 ... by "feel" people's stares I mean how we know when someone is staring at us. Then we turn to look at that person without them having made ... Feel Stares&v=cEreUeEDG5c
Sep 19, 2014 ... I swear, 75% of the time I feel a stare, I turn around and someone is .... My friend and I always stare at people together on the bus to try and get ...

Why do people suddenly look back if you look at them for a while?

Mar 30, 2014 ... Self-conscious people feel observed, and they continually check if ... giving them the impression that you have been staring at them all along.

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Q: Why (scientifically) can we "feel" people staring at us, without ...
A: It has been confirmed in several controlled experiments that we can... ...MORE... Read More »
Q: How can you feel people staring at you?
A: You can feel people staring at you, by your own inner senses. It's a subconscious feeling tha... Read More »
Q: Why do some people feel safer staring from a distance?
A: It is difficult to understand exactly what is happening from your description, but prolonged staring with an unpleasant expression is generally considered confr... Read More »
Q: When you can feel people staring at you...?
A: I ignore them. It's a waste of time trying to stare them back, also, it can also be that that person is looking at something else, past you or near you so if yo... Read More »
Q: Why can it feel unpleasant when people stare?
A: when ppl stare at you, you may feel uncomfortable because way beack when dinosaurs roamed the earth humans had eyes in the back of their heads and they eveolved... Read More »