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Why You Like The Smell Of Your Own Farts - AskMen


Nov 11, 2015 ... In fact, breaking wind is so comical to so many people that "fart jokes" is its own category. But why are we so obsessed with passing gas, and ...

I like the smell of my own farts | Is It Normal? | http://isitnormal.com


If I'm alone, I'll even fan the fart up to my nose with my hand so I can get the full ... Now, most people only get to enjoy a fart with 2 senses, maybe even 3 if they ...

WATCH: Why Do We Like Our Own Farts? - ScienceAlert


Nov 9, 2014 ... There's no ignoring them - the human race produces 70 billion farts ... by our own odours, but why is it so difficult to be around other people's?

www.ask.com/youtube?q=People Who Enjoy Farting&v=BPC7e8W8u18
Nov 9, 2014 ... Your farts may smell like roses...to you! Get the AsapSCIENCE book! http:// asapscience.com/book Watch The Science of Beards: ...

Sexually aroused by farts? You're not alone. - Seriously, Science?


Aug 19, 2013 ... I knew by simple biology that girls farted, but hearing that the girl I had been ... Brad was also asked how he met other like-minded people that ...

Study: Smelling farts may be good for your health - The Week


Yep, the implication is what you're thinking: People are taking the research to mean that smelling farts could prevent disease and even cancer. The study ...

Why We Like the Smell of Our Own Farts - Vitals - Lifehacker


Jan 1, 2016 ... Farts are weird. It seems perfectly fine when we let one rip, despite the stink bomb it may be. We can tolerate our own, but if someone else cuts ...

5 Common Types Of Female Farts - The Frisky


Mar 8, 2012 ... Consider the sheer, exhausting effort that goes into covering up your scent. My plight: I've got an ass like a machine gun, people. And it's on a ...

Why We Enjoy The Smell Of Our Own Farts - Redorbit


Nov 11, 2014 ... If you've ever wondered why you enjoy the smell of your own farts, here's ... Thus, when we smell other people's farts, and aren't “familiar” with ...

Why Do Other People's Farts Smell Worse? - Today I Found Out


Jun 11, 2015 ... Dan K. asks: Why is it that other people's farts smell worse than your own ... So not only does your whole body smell like you're wearing a stinky ...

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Why Do We Like The Smell Of Our Own Farts? | Huffington Post


Nov 11, 2014 ... Unless you have a particularly niche fetish, there probably isn't a human alive that relishes the smell of another person's.

Why we don't think our own farts stink - The Washington Post


Nov 10, 2014 ... But there's also science behind your sense that other people's gas ... Just like all forms of disgust, this reaction to scent varies person by person.

Science explains why people like the smell of their own farts | CW39 ...


Feb 17, 2016 ... HOUSTON, TX - Let's get this straight. Unless you're some kind of weirdo, no one wants to smell another person's fart. Oh heck no! But, what ...