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The Republic of Zambia /ˈzæmbiə/ is a landlocked country in Southern Africa, neighbouring .... In the early 19th century, the Nsokolo people settled in the Mbala district of Northern ...

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The Zambian People ith a population of less than 15 million, Zambia comprises an amazing 72 ethnic groups, most of which are bantu-speaking. About 90% of t.

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The people retain strong ties to their tribe or clan, but there is also a strong national identity. Zambia became a settling ground for many migrating tribes around ...

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The Taabwa People of Zambia and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Religion: Traditional Religion Population: 851,359 (PeopleGroups.org, 1999) Registry of ...

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Find people and demographic information for Zambia and the world.

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The Soli of Zambia, numbering 101000, are No Longer Unreached. They are part of the Bantu, Central-South people cluster within the Sub-Saharan African ...

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www.sahistory.org.za/sites/default/files/file uploads /scott_d._taylor_culture_and_customs_of_zambia_cbook4you.pdf

and political influences impact culture and customs in Zambia. Interestingly, ... Culture is inherently fluid, and so it is in Zambia; people adopt new customs and.

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Rural traditional people of Zambia are no exception. In spite of the dramatic social changes that have influenced many urban dwellers, Zambian rural people  ...

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Funeral and burial customs in Zambia vary from the village and city. .... A priest says last prayers, people will make some last minute comments about the ...

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Discover the most famous people from Zambia including Julia Rose, Slapdee, Nevers Mumba, Wilbur Smith and many more.

The People of Zambia
Ethnicity: Bemba, Tonga, Chewa, Lozi, Nsenga, Tumbuka, Ngoni, Lala, Kaonde, Lunda, Europeans, Asians, Americans (2000 Census)
Languages: Bemba (official), Nyanja (official), Tonga (official), Lozi (official), Chewa, Nsenga, Tumbuka, Lunda (official), Kaonde (official), Lala, Luvale (official), and English (official)
Religions: Christian, Muslim, Hindu, indigenous beliefs
Population: 14,309,466 (2012 est.) (70th)
Median Age: total: 16.7 years (2015 est.)
Female: 16.8 years (2015 est.)
Male: 16.6 years (2015 est.)
Literacy Rate: 63.3766163.4%
Female: 56.0%
Male: 70.9%
Legal drinking age: 18
People of:
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There are over 72 different local languages spoken in everyday life by the people of Zambia.



This is a complete list of the Zambian tribes. ... TRIBES OF ZAMBIA .... Sometimes the word tribe is used to describe a group of people who all speak the same ...

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Zambia has total of nine (9) provinces and the country has one of the lowest human population to land ratio in Africa. With approximately 14 million people in.