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perfect square
a rational number that is equal to the square of another rational number.
a polynomial that is the square of another polynomial.
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Perfect square is an element of algebraic structure which is equal to the square of another element. Square number, a perfect square integer ...

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Simple and straightforward definition of perfect square with examples and non examples.

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A number made by squaring a whole number. 16 is a perfect square because 4<sup>2</sup> = 16 25 is also a perfect square because 5<sup>2</sup> = 25 etc. See: Square (Numbers) ...

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Note: Anytime you square an integer, the result is a perfect square! The numbers 4, 9, 16, and 25 are just a few perfect squares, but there are infinitely more!

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Identifying perfect square form · Factoring perfect squares: common factor · Factoring perfect squares: negative common factor ... Factoring perfect squares.

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The term perfect square is used to refer to a square number, a perfect square dissection, or a factorable quadratic polynomial of the form a^2+/-2ab+b^2=(a+/- .

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1 day ago ... Normally, we call a number a perfect square if it is the square of an integer. ... The term perfect square is typically reserved for integers, unless ...

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