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Aug 26, 2007 ... This is what I found: While periods cannot happen while you are pregnant, other forms of bleeding are possible and would be difficult to ...


Find out why it's not possible to have your period when you're pregnant and why some women do have bleeding.


period while pregnant possible Note: This article covers bleeding that looks like a period while pregnant in very early pregnancy, typically before pregnancy is ...


Is it possible to have periods while you're pregnant? Our expert explains whether menstruation can continue in pregnancy, and what any bleeding may mean.


Causes of bleeding during the first trimester. Between 25 and 30 percent of women spot during early pregnancy.


While a woman is unlikely to get pregnant during her period, it is absolutely ... by her powers made it possible with her herbal medicine which she sent to me.


Menstruation during pregnancy sounds like an oxymoron. ... positive) and cramping and bleeding begins, it is possible the woman is experiencing a miscarriage.


We have been brought up to believe that you are not supposed to have your period while you are pregnant. In fact one of the simplest ways to tell that you are  ...


Jun 13, 2017 ... Each month the uterus builds up a lining to prepare for the implantation of an embryo. If a woman is not pregnant, she sheds the lining in a ...


After a girl is pregnant, she no longer gets her period. ... For example, there can be a small amount of bleeding when a fertilized egg implants in the uterus ... If a home pregnancy test is positive, see a health care provider as soon as possible to ...