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The domestic cat (Latin: Felis catus) is a small, typically furry, carnivorous mammal. They are often called house cats when kept as indoor pets or simply cats ...


Aug 25, 2016 ... While cats make purr-fect pets for some people, they don't for others. Cats are dependent on their owners for all their needs — food, water, ...


Everything you need to know about how to adopt a cat, bringing your new cat home, cat ... Learn more about the grieving process so you can honor your pet.


Did you recently adopt a cat or are thinking about adopting one? ... Before digging into Petfinder to search for the pet of your dreams, do your research. There's a ...


According to Andrea Arden, an Animal Planet Pet Expert and professional pet trainer, "Cats sometimes don't get the credit they deserve. They are often seen as  ...


Dec 28, 2010 ... Learn the top reasons why a cat can be the perfect pet for you.


Cat Adoption - Save a life, adopt a cat. We are a non-profit helping promote cat adoption by working with local cat rescues.


Canna-Pet® offers natural hemp-based products for cats at great prices online! Learn more about CBD for cats, feel free to reach out to us today!


Jun 12, 2012 ... Just for fun, I decided to think about how dogs and cats differ in terms of a competition. If we had pet Olympics, would dogs take home the most ...


Start with our Basic Indoor Cat Needs section to begin to enrich the lives of ... The Pet Identification section will tell you about how to be sure your cats can be ...