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Some exotic pet names for animals like monkeys include Macchiato, Madagasca and Mango. Mayhem, Maxi and Meeko are also suitable monkey names. Pet monkeys may also be named after fa...

Pet Monkeys
Owning a pet monkey has become increasingly difficult due to international and state regulations. If a pet monkey is obtained, always keep at least two monkeys and do lots of research on the living environment with tips from a biological anthropologist... More »
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Pet monkey

A pet monkey is a monkey kept as a pet. Monkeys have often been favorite pets of queens such as Catherine de' Medici and Henrietta Maria, wife of Charles I.

Most Commonly Kept Primate Species - Monkeys kept as pets

When you want to buy a monkey, it is important to find the specie you like the most. Let us help you!
They spend most of their day searching for food in the wild, hang out in trees, are said to be the smartest of the New World monkeys, and will mark their territory by urinating on it. This is another controversial reason why more laws have been passed regarding owning ... More »
By Adrienne Kruzer, RVT, Guide

The Problem with Keeping a Pet Monkey - Exotic Pets -

A look at the reasons monkeys can be very challenging and difficult pets.

Pet Monkeys - What About Keeping Monkeys As Pets ? - 2nd Chance

I have just learned a lot about pet monkeys during my life and I want you to know what I know too. Have You Really Thought About Why You Want A Monkey?

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Being a monkey owner is NOT for everyone, it is for a rare type of person. I do not recommend anyone to obtain a primate, unless they have done the proper ...

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Monkeys for sale here at exotic animals learn about monkeys as pets and their habits. Also monkeys for pets is not for everyone. Monkeys&v=xaY9XOjZwHc
Oct 4, 2006 ... I am not advocating Monkey ownership but if you would like to .... monkeys are very very high maintenance pet. like having an infant for 20 30 ...
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Q: How to Buy a Pet Monkey.
A: 1. Know the legalities. Only nine states currently ban ownership of non-human primates, however many counties and municipalities have ordinances prohibiting own... Read More »
Q: How to Groom a Pet Monkey.
A: 1. Hang a natural teeth and nail grooming branch in your monkey's cage. These are made from real tree branches with colored sand glued to it. As your monkey run... Read More »
Q: What is the best pet monkey?
A: Defiantly Spider Monkey =) Read More »
Q: What are pet monkeys?
A: Squirrel monkeys in the US usually run between $6,000 and $7,500 for babies. Adults cost anywhere from $1,000-... Read More »
Q: How much is it for a pet monkey
A: Pet monkeys sell for anywhere from $1000 to $10,000 on average, dep... ...MORE... Read More »