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How to Take Care of Turtles
When taking care of turtles, remember that different species require different cage setups. Create a good environment for a pet turtle and feed it properly with tips from a reptile specialist in this free video on turtle care.... More »
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Turtles as Pets: Care & Information | PetSmart


Taking your new turtle home can come with lots of responsibilities. This turtle care guide can help you figure out how to take care of your new pet.

12 Reasons Not to Buy a Pet Turtle or Tortoise | PetHelpful


Aug 11, 2015 ... Turtles and tortoises can make great pets, but they are not easy to care for. Here's my list of the top ten things people overlook when ...

Turtle Care - A Guide to Caring for Turtles | Love That Pet


Freshwater Turtles are endearing pets but they do require very specific care and a ... In setting up the tank or pond, you will need a substrate of gravel, basking ...

Keeping a Turtle? Here are Some Tips All New Turtlekeepers Need ...


Like all reptiles, turtles are ectotherms, so they need different temperature zones to ... Snapping turtles do not make good pets due to their nasty disposition.

Turtle Care 101: How to Take Care of Pet Turtles | petMD


If you've ever wondered how to take care of a pet turtle, or you already have one but ... “In general, turtles spend most of their life in the water and thus need an ... Do your research to determine exactly what temperature your type of turtle will ...

Why is there a turtle digging in my yard? - Turtle Rescue League


More people are reporting turtles digging in their yards or along their driveways than ever before. ... If something is not to their liking, they will keep searching, even if they already dug a deep hole. ... Are my pets, my children, or I at risk?

How Can You Tell if Your Box Turtle Is Digging Her Nest? | Animals ...


Digging is such a common turtle behavior that it's easy to not notice your pregnant ... Meanwhile, unlike a turtle who is simply burrowing, a nesting turtle will spend time ... She lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma with her husband Matt and their three pets.

Caution - Female Turtles, even if Unmated, Must be Provided with a ...


Oct 14, 2011 ... Many turtles will deposit their eggs in water if other options are denied them; the ... Nesting Sites for Pet Turtles ... I've observed gravid turtles of many species to dig and abandon numerous ..... Please advise on when yellow bellied sliders begin to lay eggs and the best substance to fill her nesting box with.