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"Peter Please Answer" refers to the website "Peter Answers." This is a prank website with which one person can trick another at the same...

Peter Answers is a website that uses Javascript to create the illusion that "Peter" is a fortune teller.

Peter Answers | Interactive game | Virtual Tarot

If you're disappointed by the answer, you can try again. How can I make a request? 1 You start by typing in: Peter please answer. Or. Peter please answer my ...

How to Use Peter Answers: 8 Steps (with Pictures) - wikiHow

In our example, the secret response only takes us as far as “Peter, please answer the foll”; to get the phrase to say “Peter, please answer the following,” simply ... Please Answer&v=IEVrzW1V85o
Apr 13, 2011 ... Tutorial: When you enter your petition, do not type "Peter, please answer the following:", instead, press the period button. After that, type in your ...

Shocking! You Won't Believe What I Learned About Peter Answers

Sure the prank is cute, but Peter Answers has another side that few people see. ...... somthing i did peter please please answer i seid get away for me: he seid no  ...

Ask Peter Answers Peters Answers: Evil Spirit or Scary Prank ...

Feb 21, 2007 ... The problem is, sometimes your answer is much shorter (has fewer characters to type) than the 41 keystrokes it takes to type “peter please ...

How Does Ask Peter Work? The Code Behind The Prank - MakeUseOf

Feb 10, 2010 ... Therefore, before you ask a question, you must petition Peter with the sentence, “ Peter, please answer the following question:” If you're using ...

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Jan 13, 2011 ... Peter Answers is a virtual tarot that can provide you the answer to any question! Simply type the petition (Peter, please answer) and query and ...

Peter Answers - The trick: Instructions: How does peter answers work?

... Answers work? Here we teach you how to use this Virtual Tarot to answer all your questions. ... Complete the petition with the remaining part: (please answer).

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Q: Who is Peter, please answer?
A: Peter and Paul were two apostles who had a major impact on the early church. In fact, when you read the New Testament, you see Peter's name two hundred ten time... Read More »
Q: Who's this peter please answer?
A: If you are in fact talking about peter the virtual tarot he is a complete fake. The website it is on is called The thing is it convinces peopl... Read More »
Q: What is the seceret to peter please answer?
A: When you write the petition you start by pressing period on the key board Read More »
Q: What is the secret to peter please answers?
A: If you are in fact talking about peter the virtual tarot he is a complete fake. The website it is on is called peter The thing is it convinces peop... Read More »
Q: How to do peter please answer?
A: Do you have anti-spyware or virus protection installed on your computer? It could be blocking it or detecting it as a harmful source. Read More »