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Petulantly definition, moved to or showing sudden, impatient irritation, especially over some trifling annoyance: a petulant toss of the head. See more.


When you do something petulantly, you are being irritable or peevish. If you petulantly roll your eyes at your boss, you might risk losing that promotion.


petulantpetulanterpetulancepetulantly. the "petulant" family. Usage Examples. All SourcesFictionArts / CultureNewsBusinessSportsScience / MedTechnology.


[Latin petulāns, petulant-, insolent, from petere, to assail; see pet- in Indo- European roots.] pet′u·lance, pet′u·lan·cy n. pet′u·lant·ly adv. American Heritage® ...


petulantly. adverb. NEW! Time Traveler. First Known Use: 1598. See Words from the same year. See petulant defined for English-language learners.


She behaved petulantly for the entire night because her friends forced her to go to the party. Licensed from ThinkStockPhoto. adverb. Petulantly is defined as ...


petulance; petulantly. Word of the Day. cockpit. the small closed space where the pilot sits in an aircraft, or where the driver sits in a racing car. About this.


petulantly (ˈpetulantly). adverb. Word origin of 'petulant'. C16: via Old French from Latin petulāns bold, from petulāre (unattested) to attack playfully, from petere ...


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