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Spending differences associated with the Medicare Physician Group ...


Sep 12, 2012 ... Colla CH(1), Wennberg DE, Meara E, Skinner JS, Gottlieb D, Lewis VA, Snyder CM, Fisher ES. Author information: (1)Dartmouth Institute for ...

Therapeutic strategies for anchored kinases and phosphatases - NCBI


Jul 28, 2015 ... In addition to the formation of R-subunit dimers, this D/D domain is ... called A- kinase anchoring proteins (AKAPs; Scott et al., 1990; Newlon et al., 2001). .... Philip and Tricia Cohen were the first to recognize that regulation of protein ..... M. G., Roy M., Morikis D., Hausken Z. E., Coghlan V., Scott J. D., et al.

RCV1 - Journal of Machine Learning Research


cс2004 David D. Lewis, Yiming Yang, Tony G. Rose, and Fan Li. ... text categorization test collections (Lewis, Schapire, Callan, and Papka, 1996; Lewis, 1997; ...

Journal of Open Access Journal of Sports Medicine - Dove Press


Scruton A, Baker J, Roberts J, Basevitch I, Merzbach V, Gordon D. Open Access ..... Moxnes JF, Sandbakk Ø, Hausken K. Open Access .... Norton L, Norton K, Lewis N. Open Access ... Drury CT, Bredin SS, Phillips AA, Warburton DE. Open Access .... Gustavo Gonçalves Arliani, Diego da Costa Astur, Carina Cohen, et al.

The effect of pre-anaesthetic fasting time and type of food on gastric ...


Oct 15, 2009 ... 2000; Ng & Smith 2001; Ljungqvist & Soreide 2003; McLeod et al. 2005 ... 1983; Lewis & Crawford 1987; McGrady & Macdonald 1988; Agarwal et al. 1989; Crawford et al. 1990; Phillips et al. 1993 ..... In a similar study in children (van der Walt & Carter 1986), the ..... Soreide E, Hausken T, Soreide JA...

Archived: Start Early, Finish Strong: How to Help Every Child ...


Institute for Communications Research, University of Alabama. ... Foorman, B. et al. ... Hiebert, E.H., Pearson, D., Taylor, B., Richardson, V., and Paris, S.G. (1997). ... Kisker, E.E., Hofferth, S.L., & Phillips, D.A. (1991). .... and Qualifications of Public School Teachers, NCES 1999-080, by Lewis, L., Parsad, B., Carey, N., Ba...

Evolutionary Game Theory (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)


Jan 14, 2002 ... If the value V of the resource is greater than the cost C of injury (so that ..... Hausken and Hirshleirfer, 2008; Hurd, 1995; Jager, 2008; Nowak et al., .... in particular, D'Arms (1996, 2000); D'Arms et al., 1998; Danielson .... A strategy for the sender (what Lewis called a “communicator's ..... Kitcher, ...

Table of Contents — January 2008, 87 (1)


Andrew W Fogarty,; Caoimhe Glancy,; Stuart Jones,; Sarah A Lewis,; Tricia M McKeever,; and John R Britton ... Yourka D Tchoukalova,; Christina Koutsari,; Maksym V Karpyak,; Susanne B Votruba, ... Thomas MS Wolever,; Alison L Gibbs ,; Christine Mehling,; Jean-Louis Chiasson,; Philip W Connelly, .... Reply to V Bähr et al.

N–3 Fatty Acids in Patients with Multiple Cardiovascular Risk Factors


May 9, 2013 ... Roncaglioni MC , Avanzini F , Roccatagliata D , et al. ... Sephy Philip, Sumita Chowdhury, John R. Nelson, P. Benjamin Everett, Carolyn K. Hulme-Lowe, .... V. Pallarés-Carratalá, V. Pascual-Fuster, D. Godoy-Rocatí. ... Kamal H Masaki, Beatriz Rodriguez, Russell P Tracy, Tomonori Okamura, Lewis H Kuller.

Reducing the Risk of Multiple Births by Transfer of Two Embryos ...


Allan Templeton, M.D., and Joan K. Morris, Ph.D. N Engl J Med 1998; 339:573- 577August 27, 1998DOI: 10.1056/NEJM199808273390901. Share:.

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Assessing patients' expectations in ambulatory medical practice ...


Kravitz RL(1), Callahan EJ, Azari R, Antonius D, Lewis CE. ... content of patients' expectations by previsit questionnaire versus interview; the interaction between ...

Scar/WAVE-1, a Wiskott±Aldrich syndrome protein, assembles an ...


mammalian homolog of a D.discoideum protein that interacts with ... overlay assay (Hausken et al., 1998). Detection of ... disrupt interaction with RII (Carr et al ., 1991; Hausken et al., 1996) .... to phosphorylate paxillin (Lewis and Schwartz, 1998). Although ..... Dr Phillip Stork, Vollum Institute, Portland, OR), N-terminal GFP.

Publications | Lab of Dr. Stacia Sower | University of New Hampshire


Sower SA, Decatur WA, Hausken KN, Marquis TJ, Barton SL, Gargan J, Freamat M, Wilmot M, Hollander L, Hall JA, Nozaki M, .... Clemens B.J., Sower, S.A., van de Wetering, S., et al., 2012. ..... Lewis, K. M., Swanson, P. and Sower, S. A., 1992 . .... Martin, R. W., Myers, J., Sower, S. A., Phillips, D. and McAuly, C., 1983.