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Some examples of MCAT physics equations include the equation for law of gravitation, which is F = Gm1m2/r^2; the equation for centripetal force, which is F=mv^2/r; and the equation...

Physics equations


In physics, there are equations in every field to relate physical quantities to each other and perform calculations. Entire handbooks of equations can only ...

Frequently Used Equations - The Physics Hypertextbook


Frequently Used Equations. prev; discussion; summary; contents; practice ... equations of motion. v = v0 + at x = x0 + v0t + ½at<sup>2</sup> v<sup>2</sup> = v0<sup>2</sup> + .... Thermal Physics  ...

Kinematic Equations - The Physics Classroom


The goal of this first unit of The Physics Classroom has been to investigate the variety of means by which the motion of objects can be described. The variety of ...

In his new book, The Theoretical Minimum: What You Need to Know to Start Doing Physics , Susskind has once again shown himself to be willing to break with traditional ways of doing things ... because he's written a popular-science book that does not shy away from the ma... More »
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Physics Formulas | Tutor 4 Physics


Physics Formulas on laws of motion, one, two and three dimensional motion, work , energy, power, circular motion, gravitation, properties of matter and electricity ...

AP Physics Equations - The College Board


*Not on the Table of Information for Physics C, since Thermodynamics is not a Physics C topic. ... ADVANCED PLACEMENT PHYSICS B EQUATIONS FOR 2002.

Table of Information and Equation Tables for AP Physics Exams


For both the Physics B and Physics C Exams, the equation tables for each ... Subscripts on symbols in the equations are used to represent special cases of the.

The AP Physics Equation Table - The College Board


Table of Information and Equation Tables for AP Physics Exams ... The equations in the tables express the relationships that are encountered most frequently in.

Useful Physics Formulas - Real World Physics Problems


I put together a set of pages below which give the formulas used in physics that I have found to be most useful over the years. These are the formulas that are ...

Popular Q&A
Q: What Are Some Physic Equations?
A: Sir Isaac Newton being hit on the head with an apple while while he was sitting under an apple tree led to Newton's second law of motion: force equals mass time... Read More »
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Q: How to Derive Physics Equations.
A: 1. Use the power rule to find derivatives of polynomial functions. Multiply each term in the polynomial by its exponent and then reduce that exponent by one. Fo... Read More »
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Q: What is a good physics equation?
A: Angular frequency for a damped oscillation is a tricky equation. Read More »
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Q: What is the physics equation for leverage?
A: In physics, a lever (from French lever, "to raise" c.f. a levant) is a Read More »
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Q: What is the physics equation for pendalums
A: One of the physics equation for pendulum is the velocity at the bottom of the swing, which can be achieved by using the formula: v=sqrt{2gL[1-cos(a)]} Read More »
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