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Papal conclave


A papal conclave is a meeting of the College of Cardinals convened to elect a new Bishop of ... The conclave has been the procedure for choosing the pope for almost a .... Originally, lay status did...

Picking a Pope: Do Looks Matter? | Papal Selection Process


Mar 12, 2013 ... Study wonders whether a candidate's looks — his face — might affect whether he is selected to be the next pope.

'A Pope Francis Catholic': Now that Tim Kaine is Clinton's VP pick ...


Jul 22, 2016 ... ... Now that Tim Kaine is Clinton's VP pick, will his faith matter? ... “At some point, if you ask: Who reflects more the way Francis looks at the ...

Papal Conclave: Does the Holy Spirit Choose the Pope? | TIME.com


Mar 11, 2013 ... God gave us the Holy Spirit, but he also gave us free will. ... Then the German theologian got to the heart of the matter: “There are too many ... (GRAPHIC: Electing the Next Pope: Who, Where and How History Gets Made).

Pope Francis and the Matter of Female Deacons [Updated ...


May 12, 2016 ... Does Pope Francis have any idea of the needless can of worms he opened up with ... of the things that priests and deacons do, but she looks after the doors and attends the ..... Why can't he pick up a book or two and study it?

Selecting a pope - CNN.com


When it's time to vote for a new pope, every cardinal under the age of 80 travels to Rome to participate. In attendance this time will be 115 cardinals, 67 of whom ...

Papal Trivia - Fun Facts About the Popes - Treasures of Our Catholic ...


Being pope used to require real balls – and the one chosen actually had to prove it! .... Shown here, it perfectly illustrates that papal pretensions did not end with ... preferring to adopt a more pastoral appearance by wearing a bishop's miter instead. ... Even the matter of determining if the pontiff had passed to his heavenly ...

Step-by-Step Guide to Electing a Pope | PBS NewsHour


Feb 28, 2013 ... Supreme Court · Race Matters · Essays · Brief But Spectacular ... The 115 cardinals will vote once Tuesday and twice each ... hands the ballot to the next counter who looks at it and gives it to a third observer who reads the name aloud. ... The former pope will continue to live in the Vatican, keep...

Can Pope Francis Change the Catholic Church? - The New Yorker


Sep 14, 2015 ... A determined Pope Francis moves to reform a recalcitrant Curia. ... flexibility on such matters as the treatment of divorced couples and homosexuals. ... Benedict does not give press interviews; most news about his life is filtered through his .... Press compiled them by picking through annual Vatican statistics.

The Pope Emeritus experiment is working – CatholicHerald.co.uk


Feb 26, 2015 ... Archbishop Gänswein looks on as the Pope Emeritus meets Francis after ... unable to choose someone uncongenial to the former pope as long as he ... indeed, what he must do, both as a matter of professional ethics and in ...

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Five myths about picking a pope - The Washington Post


Feb 22, 2013 ... Behind closed doors, cut off from the outside world, they will choose a leader who will ... he steps down to avoid the appearance of trying to influence the election. ... It doesn't matter who is elected pope; nobody listens to him.

Pope or Anti-Pope: Does it really matter? | AKA Catholic


Sep 23, 2016 ... Nor do I expect others in Catholic media to likewise dissect emerging details in ... believe that one must choose between either laboring for one's salvation or concerning ... A future pope will have to sort this mess out for us; we are unable. .... He has likewise given the appearance of papal approval for oral ...

WaPo: A "Pope Francis Catholic" can have a 100% rating from ...


Jul 22, 2016 ... "There is nothing this Pope could do that would improve the world as ... First, it is titled "'A Pope Francis Catholic': If Clinton picks Tim Kaine, will his faith matter? ... “At some point, if you ask: Who reflects more the way Francis looks at the world? ... So it must be Kaine—as if the pope is bei...