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Apr 9, 2016 ... [37] A. Bean et al. ..... et al. [CLEO Collaboration], “Shape Studies of Quark Jets vs . ... and Implications for V − A and the Form-Factors,” Phys. Rev. .... et al. [CLEO Collaboration], “Study of the Five-Charged-Pion Decay of the τ.

Physical Review Letters - Volume 58 Issue 3 - APS Journals


Jan 19, 1987 ... A. Bean et al. Phys. Rev. ... Direct observation of multiple-scattering processes in pion absorption ... Marko V. Jarić and Udayan Mohanty. Phys ...

Radiation hardness of CMS pixel barrel modules


Jan 5, 2010 ... of the detectors consists mainly of charged pions. The radia- .... 2.8 × 1015 neq/ cm2 at a bias voltage of 800 V for different clus- ter sizes. ..... [4] A. Bean, et al., The CMS pixel detector and challenges (prospectives) for.

Diversification and Population Structure in Common Beans - NCBI


Nov 7, 2012 ... The primary genepool of cultivated common beans includes wild ... markers to study diversity within common beans began when Gaitán et al. .... Band or alleles sizes were estimated in base-pairs with GeneMapper v.

Taurine status in normal dogs fed a commercial diet associated with ...


similar to that classically described in cats (Pion et al., 1987). .... corn gluten meal, soya bean meal, beef tallow and brewers rice. 360 .... Experiment 1: Diet A vs.

rivkin et al. - disease-resistance related sequences in common bean ...

www.ndsu.edu/pubweb/~mcclean/plsc731/homework/papers/rivkin et al. - disease-resistance related sequences in common bean.pdf

common bean disease-resistance related sequences was more identical to a soybean NBS-containing sequence ... NBS-containing plant disease resistance genes (Staskawicz et al. ..... Kanazin, V., Marek, L.F., and Shoemaker, R.C. 1996.

The polyphenolic profiles of common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.)


... et al., 2005; Beninger & Hosfield, 2003), light and dark red kidney beans .... The gradient was varied linearly from 10–26% B (v/v) in 40 min, to 65% B at 70 min ...

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Search for Exotic Mesons at SLAC with P. Bonamy et al., New Directions in ..... B Quark with the CLEO collaboration, A. Bean et al., Physical Review D35, 3533. ( 1987). • A90. ..... A157. Shape Studies of Quark Jets vs. Gluon Jets at. √ .... Study of the Five-Charged-Pion Decay of the τ Lepton with D. Gibaut et al.,. Physical ...

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Mar 16, 1998 ... M. L. Perl,2 V. Savinov,2 D. Ugolini,2 R. Wang,2 X. Zhou,2 T. E. Coan,3 V. Fadeyev ... P. M. Patel,18 A. J. Sadoff,19 R. Ammar,20 P. Baringer,20 A. Bean,20 D. Besson,20 D. Coppage,20 C. Darling,20 .... track with dE/dx and TOF consistent with the pion .... son we have used the spectator model by Ali et al.

Volume 192, number 1,2 PHYSICS LETTERS B 25 June 1987 ...


Jun 25, 1987 ... Institut J. Stefan and Department of Physics t 2, Univerza v Ljubljani, 61111 Ljubljana, Yugoslavia. L. JONSSON ..... D o mesons, pions and kaons from B decays, and with .... [6] CLEO Collab., A. Bean et al., Phys. Rev. Lett.

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Study of τ Decays to Six Pions and a Neutrino - APS Journals


Study of τ Decays to Six Pions and a Neutrino. A. Anastassov et al. (CLEO Collaboration). Phys. Rev. Lett. 86, 4467 – Published 14 May 2001. More ...

Decay rate of τ into odd number of pions - ScienceDirect


The 7r+pO spectrum is observed to be dominated by the Al resonance. ... T --> 7r+ 27r + v since the odd charged pion cannot be considered as soft in the whole region of the phase space. .... [51 G. Cosme et al., LAE - 77/30, preprint, to be published. ... Ammar R. , Baringer P. , Bean A. , Besson D. , Coppage D. , Darling C.



M. E. Levi,8 A. M. Litke,2 N. S. Lockyer,l”pu V. Liith,” J. A. J. Matthews,7. D. I. Meyer,g B. D. .... from pion and kaon decays and hadronic misidentification, the electrons and muons were required to have .... The upgrade detector is described in G. Abrams et al., SLAC-PUB-4558 (Febru- ary 1989); ... A. Bean et al., Phys. Rev.