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A sawed-off shotgun (US, CAN) also called a sawn-off shotgun (UK, IRL, AU, NZ) and a .... These restrictions only apply to pump-action shotguns, all others are legal to possess in any length. ... In...

The 14″ Mossberg 500 That ISN'T NFA! | Shockwave Technologies


You see, the very definition of a “shotgun” requires that it be “designed or redesigned, ... Now, a pistol-grip-only Mossberg 500 with a 14″ barrel and the Raptor Grip installed ... But let us know if you determine its legal status in your state.

Micro Black Aces Shotgun! Is it Legal? - GunsAmerica Digest


Jul 9, 2015 ... It is built to meet a minimum length requirement of 26 inches for a PGO (pistol grip only shotgun), technically it is considered a firearm by the ...

Of Arms and the Law: Interesting questions re: pistol grip shotguns


Mar 16, 2010 ... If a shotgun leaves the factory with just a pistol grip, and the ATF ... it a pistol, and I thought smoothbore shotgun pistols were illegal RIGHT??

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... a shotgun, that came from the factory as PGO (Pistol Grip only, NO rifle .... You'll often run into state laws more restrictive than federal laws.

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But here's the problem: Just because an evidence view is conducted, that ... I even photographed a “legalpistol grip shotgun next to our shotgun to show that  ...

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Jul 31, 2013 ... Users of illegal substances are advised not to post in /r/guns. ..... I understand the problem with pistol grip only shotguns, but what's wrong with ...

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Check this crap out! While I can't condone the act of selling the handgun to a minor the part about the pistol grip shotgun just pisses me off.

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The only changes made have been reformatting for display on the wiki, and the removal of ... Any shotgun which is federally illegal (full auto, etc) is also illegal in California. The state also ... Pump shotguns can have pistol grips in California.

Federal Firearms Licensees Newsletter-November 2009


private individuals, unless a Federal law or regulation has been violated. ... Pistol Grips and Shotguns. Firearms with ... subscriptions. Just go to http://www.atf.gov and look for the ... firearms that come equipped with a pistol grip in place of.

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Pistol Grip Pitfalls (and How to Avoid Them) - GunsAmerica Digest


May 20, 2015 ... A shotgun with a pistol grip is as close as most of us will get to a short barreled shotgun. But how ... The barrel on this gun is 18″, so there's no legal hang-ups there. ... The industry vernacular is PGO, as in Pistol Grip Only.

ATF on Shotguns, Pistol-Grip Shotguns, and Short-Barrel Shotguns ...


Summary of the two letters: a pistol-grip shotgun that never had a ... The law seems to say that only shotguns can have >.5" bores and not be ...

Atf rules pistol grip shotguns as destructive device - USA Carry


The NFA Owners Association points us to the onlylegal” definition seemingly ... By determining that a "pistol grip firearm" is not a shotgun, it is ...