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Earth's energy budget


Earth's climate is largely determined by the planet's energy budget, i.e., the balance of incoming and outgoing radiation. It is measured by satellites and shown in W/m<sup>2</sup>...

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Planets have some heat. The Earth and other planets retain some residual heat left from the .... Earth loses heat energy to outer space mainly by radiation.

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Earth's temperature depends on how much sunlight the land, oceans, and atmosphere absorb, and how much heat the planet radiates back to space. ... of solar energy that falls on the Earth, 29% is reflected back into space, primarily by clouds, ... This large increase in heat loss in response to a relatively smaller increase in ...

The greenhouse effect and the 2nd law of thermodynamics


In the troposphere radiation is emitted and absorbed primarily in a balanced ..... doesn't have to exceed surface radiation in order to change the net heat loss, ..... That is why the temperature of a planet like Earth is independent of the albedo.

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Oct 16, 2014 ... An object is placed exactly halfway between the Earth and sun. The object will fall .... the white surface. The planet Earth loses heat mainly by.

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In the tropical regions the albedo variation is influenced primarily by weather .... Does the presence of low level clouds over oceans heat or cool the planet?

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Earth's climate system is driven primarily by heat ener- gy arriving from ... Earth arrives mainly in the visible part of the spectrum. ... This heat loss, called back radiation, occurs at wave- ... seems reasonable that the surface of planet Earth radi-.

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Earth (planet) ... This is why planets and stars take a long time to cool down. ... Convection does not occur at the Sun's core, it loses heat primarily through ...

The Surface Features of Venus


The radar imaging of the planet has been performed both from Earth-based ... Earth loses 70 percent of its heat through the rifts between plates, venus gets rid of its ... of the surface, again as determined primarily from the Magellan mission.

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That is, it is neither a source of heat nor a sink of heat in the planet's heat budget. ... The good absorbers of longwave IR radiation in air are primarily water vapor, ... so the earth's surface loses heat while the atmosphere gains latent heat.

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The planet Earth loses heat mainly by conduction. 18. ... It is possible to totally convert a given amount of mechanical energy into heat. 22. As a blob (large mass ...

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Nov 9, 2014 ... Explanation of hoe heat transfer on Earth. ... Heat is transferred to the surface of the Earth from the hot Earth's core ... Heat loss and equilibrium ... mainly attributed to an increase in infrared-absorbing gases in the atmosphere.

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Mar 14, 2012 ... Infrared absorbing gases reduce the rate at which the Earth loses infrared energy to ...... The ONLY way the planet can lose heat is to radiate it. .... System earth is cooled mainly by radiation from the atmosphere to space.