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Poems on anger, rage and sadness. By children who have ... forgotten or betrayed. Many different types of anger poems. ... Tell me how to respect someone .


Anger Poems, a subcategory of Sad Love Poems, Anger poems express hurt, hate and disbelief. ... By someone who can't even remember my birthday.


Anger poems written by famous poets. Browse through to read poems for anger. This page has the widest range of anger love and quotes.


Anger poetry: ... anger. Inflict on me the power of your emotions. I want to feel your pain, take away ... as someone else carries this weight. Is there a cure for what ...


Anger Poems And Poetry ... I know people are terrified of the bomb… that is etched with anger waiting to explode. This bomb .... Anger is killing someone, Anger ...


Read poems about teen angst, hate and anger. Poetry about angry discontent, activism and social unrest. Share powerful poems, short stories and spoken word  ...


This poem was written/submitted by Rachelle. ANGER. anger is not love anger is driking anger is killing someone anger one thing never do love, anger love not ...


Anger love poems or love poems about Anger. Read, share, and enjoy these Anger love poems! ... I want someone to hold me, But I'm the only one here.


These are examples of the best anger poems written by PoetrySoup members. ... It's okay, I never made progress or was good enough Please someone help, ...


You once loved a man so tall sometimes you stood on. poem. the bullet was a girl ... Being post-modern now, I pretended as if I did not see them, nor understand ...