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Poems for Enemies
Nowadays, where invective can’t be done as subtly as in Catallus, a poet might obscure an enemy’s identity in metaphor, as is likely in H.D.’s "Helen," which describes the face that launched a thousand ships... More>>


Jul 21, 2009 ... A Poem For My Haters by Ashaunti Taylor. .People look at me and laugh They make fun of my every move What I want to know is what is it ...


Sep 18, 2008 ... Do not use it to strike at your haters, or with that purpose in mind, instead share this poem with a person who can appreciate and cherish this ...


Jan 6, 2012 ... You don't get a million hits without garnering a faithful bunch of envious, conceited pricks to rain on your parade. I actually get strangely giddy ...


Welcome to Mr. Africa Poetry Lounge! You have entered ... HYPOCRITES AND HATERS. You talk the good ... You are a hypocrite and a hater. Why? Who are ...


Poems about hate. Hatred is a poison that fills your body. It is very important share your feelings of hatred with someone, even to tell the person who you are ...


It hurts when you say that I ain't the one, you haters. How do I gain your favor, I need to know cause I cayre. I need you to love me I sweayr, look heyre. See Ye is  ...


The name says it all. Read the poem free on Booksie.


Teen Poems : The Poem called HATERS by Selma Bejbi Esmerovic, USA.


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