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Cathy Song's poem, "Lost Sister," conveys the restrictions on freedom and identity experienced by two Chinese sisters, one who remains at home in China and the other who immigrates...

Cathy Song

Cathy Song (born Cathy-Lynn Song; August 20, 1955) is an American poet. She is the ... "Poet sings of journey of life: Cathy Song's poetry lives and breathes".

Cathy Song : The Poetry Foundation

Poet Cathy Song was born and raised in Hawaii and is of Korean and Chinese descent. Her work draws on her rich Korean-Chinese ancestry as well as her ...

Heaven by Cathy Song : The Poetry Foundation

He thinks when we die we'll go to China. / Think of it—a Chinese heaven / where, except for his blond hair, / the part that belongs to his father,

The Youngest Daughter by Cathy Song : The Poetry Foundation

The sky has been dark / for many years. / My skin has become as damp / and pale as rice paper.

Waterwings by Cathy Song : The Poetry Foundation

The mornings are his, / blue and white / like the tablecloth at breakfast. / He's happy in the house,

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Poems by Cathy Song. Girl Powdering Her Neck · Picture Bride · Untouched photograph of passenger. Picture Bride She was a year younger than I, twenty- three ...

Cathy Song, "Girl Powdering Her Neck" - The Department of English ...

Cathy Song. The light is the inside sheen of an oyster shell, sponged with talc and vapor, moisture from a bath. A pair of slippers ... Return to the Poem Index.

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Examine the life, times, and work of Cathy Song through detailed author biographies ... impressed Song that it inspired her to write an entire sequence of poems ...

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Essays and criticism on Cathy Song - Song, Cathy. ... Song herself has maintained that the world she creates in her poetry transcends her ethnic and regional ...

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Q: What is the theme of the poem heaven by Cathy Song?
A: In Heaven by Cathy Song, one of the themes is dispossession from Read More »
Q: What is the theme of the poem "Sunworshippers" by Cathy Song?
A: Cathy Song, an Asian writer, creates beautiful images in her poetry.  Her poems are written in free verse, with her diction and style providing interesting, mea... Read More »
Q: Explain the meaning of the poem "heaven" by cathy song?
A: Cathy Song’s poem, "Heaven, exemplifies the Romantic spirit by evoking nostalgia and separation. In the poem, a woman who is disconnected from her Chinese herit... Read More »
Q: What are the tones in the poem "Lost Sister" by Cathy Song?
A: do you understand how to put a link in your Q so I don't have to look for the poem? Read More »
Q: What is the main theme or point of the poem "Lost Sister" By: Cat...
A: Song describes the journey of a young woman from China to the United States where she discovers that like her female relatives in China she "leaves no footprint... Read More »