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I'm thinking of you tonight. With a hole in my heart. Tears starts to run down. As my world falls apart. I feel so empty inside. My soul is slowly dying. My eyes are ...


I believe that a father should always be there. My father never was there for me and I don't think he ever will be. The poems above made me shed more tears ...


Teen Poems about crying, Everybody cries sometimes, and if you don't you should. Crying ... But with you in my life I know my life will soon get better. I feel so  ...


I'm in the position you are now. Maybe one step behind. It was my wrong doing to carry on a joke to far with my best friend...she said she won't forgive me.


Sad Poems about crying, everybody cries sometimes, and if you don't you should . ... Like you, I was abused by my stepfather and an uncle and have struggled daily to ... I also write poems and know it's the way to get it out what's inside us.


You make me laugh when I want to cry, Make me live when I want to die, Make me smile when I want to frown, You turn my life upside down.


Every word in this poem is truly meant; it's as if my heart was speaking all on its own. I dedicate this ... I want to cry, but I no longer have any more tears to fall down my sad ... I can't seem to find anyone to make me feel the way you do, The way ...


Just some sad poems that might make you cry. Please don't read if you think it will make you too upset.


Apr 6, 2014 ... And the actor-magician Ricky Jay: "Right now, I find it hard to think of a poem that doesn't make me cry. I'm the kinda guy that weeps at reruns ...