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Polar Regions
the regions within the Arctic and Antarctic circles.
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Polar regions of Earth - Wikipedia


The polar regions of Earth, also known as Earth's frigid zones, are the regions of Earth surrounding its geographical poles These regions are dominated by ...

Polar Regions | Habitats | WWF


Life in the planet's polar regions can be incredibly difficult. Bitterly cold winds whip across the landscape. Winter temperatures can reach deep into the negatives, ...

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Bitter cold winds whip the earth's polar regions, the Arctic in the north and the Antarctic in the south. The core of the Arctic is a great ocean - the Arctic Ocean ...

Geography of Polar Regions - Windows to the Universe


The polar regions are the areas that surround Earth's geographic North and South Poles. The area surrounding the North Pole is called the Arctic and includes ...

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Do you wonder what Earth's Polar Regions are like? Where do polar bears live? Where do penguins swim? Why does the Sun never shine in winter in the Arctic ...

Life in the Polar Regions: Animals, Plants, and Others in Extreme ...


Nov 12, 2010 ... All sorts of living things call Earth's polar regions home – from tiny lichens encrusting the rocky landscapes of the Arctic tundra to huge blue ...

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Polar Regions. Antarctica. The second smallest continent, mostly south of the Antarctic Circle. Area: 14.2 million sq. km (5.5 million sq. mi.). Geographic South ...

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Polar regions, found at the planet's northern and southern extremes, are the icy wastes of the continental ice caps and the frozen pack ice of the ocean.